Mon 05.05
Oribe Travel Set Giveaway

Oribe Travel Set Giveaway: Purse-Size Fits All

As I mentioned earlier today, I’m what some might call a packing artist. Whether it’s whittling down three suitcases worth of clothes and accessories into one, or streamlining my daily essentials into the tiniest of bags, I find ways to get the job done without ever sacrificing my necessities. With the introduction of their new purse and travel size collection, Oribe is on the same page!

Mon 04.28
Avenue 32 Giveaway

Avenue 32 Giveaway: May the Best Snob Win!

Finished your spring cleaning? It’s time to reward yourself – and more importantly, your closet. We have just the thing! With the help of Avenue 32icon, we’ve rounded up all of the must-have items for the new season – a statement-making bag, wallet, set of colorful sunnies, an ultra-luxe candle, and a pair of headphones that will take you through all of your warm weather strolls in style.

Mon 04.21
LUXE DH Giveaway

LUXE DH Giveaway: Valentino Rockstud Trapeze Tote!

This is it! It’s your last chance to win one of our gorgeous April giveaways, and to cap off a great month, we have a show-stopping Valentino Rockstud Trapeze bag in cool ocean blue.

Mon 04.14
LUXE DH Giveaway

LUXE DH Giveaway: Balenciaga First Bag!

If you haven’t won one of our four April giveaways, this just might be your lucky week! Third time’s the charm, right? Each Monday, we’ve announced a different bag from pre-owned accessories purveyor LUXE DH, offering four chances to win, and today’s prize is a pink Balenciaga First.

Mon 04.07
LUXE DH Giveaway

LUXE DH Giveaway: Fendi Selleria Hobo!

Round two of our LUXE DH giveaway has begun, and this week the object of our affection is a pebbled leather Fendi Selleria hobo! With a petal pink butterfly appliqué, the bag offers a delicate touch of spring to contrast its basic black backdrop. This is perfect for Snobs who want to give a nod to the new season without getting too frou-frou or flowery.

Tue 04.01
Luxe DH Giveaway

Luxe DH Giveaway: Chanel Bag!

We’re taking April showers pretty seriously around here, with not one, not two, not even three, but four prizes to give away this month! Each week, we’ll reveal a different bag from pre-owned accessories purveyor LUXE DH, offering four chances to win (though you can only take home one).

Mon 02.24
Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine: Givenchy Antigona & Mono Earring Giveaway Reminder!

Have you entered to win our February giveaway yet?

Wed 02.19
3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Bag Giveaway

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Bag Giveaway: Share the Luvocracy

We’re used to flipping through fashion glossies and perusing runway photos for style inspiration, but thanks to social media, the democratization of fashion can actually make your next-door neighbor more influential than even the most famous fashion editors. Take Luvocracy, where you can recommend everything from lipstick to kitchen utensils to your followers.

Sat 02.01
Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine: Givenchy Antigona & Mono Earring Giveaway!

In honor of the most romantic month of the year, we’re giving away a couple of truly crush-worthy accessories – a bright blue Givenchy Antigona and brass mono earring!