Tue 02.18
Golden Goose Double Zip Bag

Golden Goose Double Zip Bag: Ready for Takeoff

The ultimate bag would be one you can buy for your man and sometimes borrow because you actually bought it for yourself and needed a slick justification. This would be one of those bags. The carry-on is something that I have perfected. I bring A LOT of stuff on the plane with me – a blanket, a pillow, an eye mask, a cosmetic pouch with maximum hydration products, food, water, my iPad…

Tue 12.31
The Five Essentials

The Five Essentials: The Best of 2013

As we look forward to the Resort treats, covetable Spring musts, and everything else tempting us into 2014, let’s pause and take a look back at the best of the past year. A lot of bags have come, stolen our hearts, and gone, but only a handful have what it takes to withstand the test of time (even if we’re only talking 12 months).

Wed 11.06
Precious7 x Snob Essentials

Precious 7 x Snob Essentials: Insider Edition

Meet Precious 7: it’s not just a brand-new place to discover new designers. It’s an innovative collective of fashion experts who curate showcases devoted to designers with fresh visions. Tina and I are on the board of advisors, and we’re so proud to be part of this exciting project.

Fri 10.25
Dolce & Gabbana Anna Crossbody Box Bag

Dolce & Gabbana Anna Crossbody Box Bag: The Mile-High Club

This bag is a trip. It’s essentially a tiny suitcase, and how cute is that? It reminds me of the old days of airplane travel (before my time!) when people got dressed up to fly and flight attendants were chic and glamorous.

Fri 10.18
Longchamp Balzane Roots Collection

Longchamp Balzane Roots Collection: Get In Touch with Your Roots

I can safely say I have never been in love with a Longchamp bag before. Of course, we all have at least one foldup Le Pliage for travel (and the shopping sprees that come with your trip), but we don’t carry it because we love it. It’s all function and no fun.

Wed 10.16
Lipault Paris Foldable 22" Wheeled Carry On Bag

Lipault Paris Foldable 22″ Wheeled Carry On Bag: Packing Lust

For those of us with storage limitations (and that would be everyone – I live in the suburbs, and my closet is still bursting!), Lipault Paris’ foldable carry on is perfection in a bag. The lightweight luggage folds up flat, making it easy to store under a bed or tuck away at the edge of a closet. I have duffels that flatten, but you really want a structured carry on to protect your belongings.

Wed 09.18
Nina Ricci Ballet Bag

Nina Ricci Ballet Bag: Raising the Barre

My childhood dream of being a ballerina was never fulfilled for a couple of reasons: A) I never possessed the patience to actually attend lessons, and B) I only wanted to be a ballerina because I liked the tutus. Fair enough. While arabesques and pliés were not meant for me, thanks to Nina Ricci, I may still become a ballerina yet!

Thu 09.05
Top Travel Sets

Top Travel Sets: Keep Calm and Carry-On

After having my Louis Vuitton luggage stolen and lost several times over, I’ve learned to check the most nondescript luggage when I travel. How to distinguish from other, equally subtle suitcases on the belt? I tie on bright-colored (and slightly tacky) ribbons. Trust me, no one wants to grab a suitcase covered in Christmas tinsel.

Wed 06.26
Micro Luggage

Micro Luggage: Travel Snob

With all of the traveling I’ll be doing this summer, nothing would be better for my feet, busy schedule, and general sanity than a scooter suitcase. To think there was once a time when I thought adding wheels onto luggage was the greatest invention ever! Micro takes it up a notch by combining their scooter with Samsonite’s quality hard-shell case.