Tue 06.25
Elisabeth Weinstock Dopp Kit

Elisabeth Weinstock Obsessions: All About Anaconda

Tina talks her serpentine obsession.

Fri 06.21

Weekend Getaways: Good Style Travels Fast

Whether you’re driving to a quaint beach house or flying to the sunny surf in Tulum, sometimes all you need to recharge your batteries is a little weekend getaway.

Thu 06.13
Flight 001 Travel Essentials

Flight 001 Travel Essentials: Pack Mentality

I just landed in Florence, so my mind is focused on all things travel! It’s hard to pare down your suitcase (I have three with me and had a nightmare the night before flying that Kelly and Rich left me on the curb with it all ‘cuz it wouldn’t fit in our car!) – I’d rather just make sure everything’s organized. That’s where Flight 001 comes in…

Thu 05.16

Globe-Trotter 26” Cruise Centenary Special Ed Suitcase: Good News Travels Fast

With a suitcase like this, the fantasy of the ultimate in glamorous traveling is realized. The fantasy, of course, also includes a full-time porter – because in true old-world form, this trunk doesn’t come with wheels. All for the sake of Industrial Revolution-era romance! (Nineteenth-century snob Anna Karenina would be all over this.) No shock […]

Fri 05.03
Maiyet, Delsey, Mark Cross, Smythson, Marni Mother's Day Bags

Because She’s Worth It: The Five Essentials for Mother’s Day

Mom bags – as in suitable for diapers – these are not. These Five Essentials are the bags women want, covet, and deserve for Mother’s Day. This isn’t a holiday for practical gifts (Mom is practical all year long!). That, to me, is disrespectful. Instead, show your mother how much you love her by showering […]

Wed 05.01

T.T. Trunks Mademoiselle Trunk: Down to a T

I went to see End of the Rainbow recently, a musical about the months leading to the end of Judy Garland’s life. It stars Tracy Bennett, who was so spectacular I could not believe what I was watching. Mesmerizing performance aside, I was fixated on one of the props on stage: an opulent vanity trunk that opens […]

Wed 03.27
Caroline Issa

The Five Essentials Featuring Caroline Issa:

Tastemaker, fashion editor, designer, model, and business savant: if this sounds like too many roles for one woman to take on without losing her cool – or her Choos – think again. Caroline Issa, the globetrotting wonder-woman and Executive Fashion Director of TANK Magazine (where high-art meets high fashion), makes it all look easy. With […]

Fri 02.01
Staying at the St. Regis

Staying at the St. Regis: A Grand Tourista in Shenzhen

I was recently invited to experience the St. Regis Shenzhen, which opened just one short year ago. How could I refuse a stay at the new Kingkey 100 property, a.k.a. the tallest building in Southern China?! I’ve stayed at many St. Regis hotels before– NYC, Aspen, and Beijing – it’s hands down one of my favorite hotel brands.

Fri 01.25
St. Regis's Grand Tourista Bag by Jason Wu

The St. Regis Grand Tourista – and Grand Giveaway!

UPDATE: Congrats to the winner- @Jade_Melissa – enjoy your bag and stay at the St. Regis! I am on the most magnificent tour in Shenzhen, China. A Grand Tour, in fact. Not unlike the grand tours taken for centuries by affluent travelers in the past. They’d go on these extensive, opulent journeys around Europe and […]