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Fri 01.11
Emmy Rossum

The Five Essentials Featuring Emmy Rossum

With a powerhouse voice and real acting chops, Emmy Rossum is a rare breed of double-threat. Have you watched Shameless yet? It’s my new guilty pleasure: the Gallaghers are the family you love to hate but can’t help but love. Indeed, producers initially feared Emmy was “too pretty” for therole, but she plays Fiona with […]

Fri 01.04
Lady Mary

Getting into Character: The Five Essentials for Lady Mary

Downton Abbey is back on PBS this Sunday, and I can’t wait! My biggest burning question – will Lady Mary and Matthew really get married?? What will she wear for the wedding? As early 20th century British aristocrats, the star-crossed couple is always dressed to the nines. And with this season kicking off the 1920s, […]

Mon 12.24
Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 40′s

Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 40’s

By the time you’ve hit the 4-0, you’ve hit your stride. You know what you like, and better yet, you know how to get it. It’s all about genuine confidence (which was often elusive in your 20s!). You’re not trying to impress anyone, except yourself. No doubt it’s fun to be young, but nothing is […]

Thu 12.20
Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 30s

Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 30’s

When you hit 30, despite all the moaning and groaning, you suddenly seem to know yourself better than ever. What you need, what you want: it’s all within your reach. Bags included! Your 20s are for experimenting; by the time you’re into the next decade, a few investment-level pieces are key. Your essentials should be […]

Wed 12.19

Getting into Character: The Five Essentials for Carrie Mathison

If you’re not watching Homeland, odds are someone has already chastised you for it, and I’ll second them! Honestly, once you start, you can’t stop. Just ask the president – it’s his favorite show. Claire Danes has already won tons of awards for playing bipolar CIA officer Carrie Mathison on the Showtime thriller. Intrigued yet? […]

Wed 12.12

Ian Somerhalder Carries The Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir: A Cuir Match In Heaven

Lately, Longchamp has been catching our eyes, with new and exciting bags, and the fabulous ad campaigns. Now, they’ve managed to make it into the hands of one of my favorite actors (and a beautiful one at that!), Ian Somerhalder. He was seen carrying the black Le Pliage Cuir bag from Fall/Winter 2012 at LAX […]

Thu 12.06

Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Essentials For the Girl in Her 20’s

Your twenties isn’t the decade for serious, budget-busting investment pieces – save those for your thirties! Rather, it’s a time to build a strong foundation, ensuring you have a bag to suit every purpose and occasion. Polish and simplicity will take a girl far, especially as you pave the way for your future, but don’t […]

Wed 12.05

American Express Points for Presents: December’s Delights

I have used my American Express points to buy multiple cameras, shoes, and, of course, bags from Neiman Marcus and Saks. Amex is really spreading the love this December; their Rewards just got even better. Whether a chain-accented Michael Kors bag or the sleek Apple TV (so gifting myself that), you can use your points […]

Sun 11.25

Five Essentials: eBay Edition

We are so excited to partner with eBay, my late-night addiction and secret spot for snobby scores. Even more fun than buy-it-now shopping is surfing the auctions! It’s such a thrill to witness the last few minutes of an auction in real time. I have a system: I place an early bid on an item, […]