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Man Bags
Fri 01.08

Vuitton Man Bag

Since I’m almost 30 (don’t remind me), I’ve long learned to focus on craftsmanship over glitz when it comes to any bag I recommend–let alone one that I would carry myself. Admittedly, I am a Bag Snob when it comes to this (I’ve got standards to uphold, right?) so the moment this navy Taiga calf … Continue reading Vuitton Man Bag

Thu 06.25

YSL Mombasa Hobo and Messenger

Dear Bag Snob, Hello, hope you guys can help me out here. I’m a fan of the now-extinct YSL Mombasa. Is there a good, reliable site to source for a genuine second-hand? Cheers, Yanqin Dear Yanqin, Ahhhh, the Mombasa! My first YSL, I got it in Cognac when it first came out. Loved it to … Continue reading YSL Mombasa Hobo and Messenger

Mon 06.08

Father’s Day Bags Fit for a Snob

I’ve been getting a lot of man bag requests. To be honest, I’ve kind of given up because man bags are for the most part really boring and the ones that are actually cool and exciting are apparently too feminine. But for Father’s Day, I went through them all and came up with some less … Continue reading Father’s Day Bags Fit for a Snob

Mon 01.26

The Year of the Python

Anya Hindmarch Hector bronze tote $2,645 Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! I know it’s the Year of the Ox but in fashion, it’s definitely the Year of the Python! I have never seen more variety of (costly) python bags in one season; it’s as if the recession isn’t really happening. From YSL, Tod’s, Ferragmo, Bally, … Continue reading The Year of the Python

Thu 11.20

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bags: The New Cool

Sorry for the late post all, I am exhausted lately. Trying to balance career and home life is getting the best of me and I’ve decided to cut back for the next few months and will not be hosting any more events in order to focus on enjoying the holidays and new year with my … Continue reading Proenza Schouler PS1 Bags: The New Cool

Wed 10.01

Loro Piana – “My Soft Weekend” Man Bag

OK, I am totally serious this time and I know you will all agree, this bag is totally suitable for a man. Not only is it super manly but it is perfectly utilitarian, which apparently is the only thing men care about if they are in the market for a bag. I love Loro Piana, … Continue reading Loro Piana – “My Soft Weekend” Man Bag

Thu 07.24

Hermes Jypsière Messenger Bag

The most exciting bag off the Hermes Fall runway is the Jypsière bag. A perfect balance of the timeless design of the birkin combined with an ultra modern messenger style, I have a feeling it will make a major splash with sporty fashionistas worldwide (I know Kelly is going to flip for it!). It is … Continue reading Hermes Jypsière Messenger Bag

Mon 01.28

Chanel Bag – For Men?

Post by Guest Editor Samuel Johnson Hello fellow Bag Snobbers!!! I would first like to thank Bag Snobs Tina and Kelly for inviting me to be their guest man editor, allowing me to share my latest man bag purchase from Chanel with all of you. Is my bag technically a man bag? No. Do I … Continue reading Chanel Bag – For Men?

Mon 11.12

Hermès Bespoke Bag: The Cameron

For $11,000 (and up), you too can have an Hermès bag custom made and named after you! Cameron Silver, owner of Decades, did just that recently and created what he calls the perfect portable office and ideal carry-on bag in grained calfskin aptly named…the Cameron!