On The Rag
Thu 09.29

Top 5 Brights Gone Bad: Neon Fright

The bright color conundrum: I’m all for adding brightness to the fall palette – sometimes brights look better in the colder months because they’re unexpected – but not at the expense of my retinas burning off. Just like with colorblocked bags, there is a fine line between spunky-fun and freaky-scary. Solid brights on clean matte […]

Wed 08.24

5 Colorblocking Disasters That Will Kill the Trend: Quit While You’re Ahead

Too much of a good thing? When a trend abounds, a few misses are bound to happen. Anyone getting involved in the now ubiquitous trend, whether you’re a bag designer or you’re just getting dressed in the morning, remember: colorblocking is not successfully defined by throwing a bunch of colors together willy-nilly! The colors must […]

Mon 08.15

Henry Beguelin Croc-Embossed Hobo With Charmless Fox Tail Charm

The bag is really great – the hobo shape with the pin-tuck gather down the middle, the straps with the little buckles and the gradient of the leather.  That is, if you can get past that huge fox tail.  First of all, it is totally disproportionate to the bag and second, it should not be […]

Wed 08.10

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Sweatshirt Bag: Don’t Sweat It

Is it a bag? Is it a sweatshirt? Are those up-stretched arms or a shoulder strap? Is that a crewneck or bag opening? Only Martin Margiela can make such normally easy distinctions so confusing. Maybe because the answer is: it’s both and all the above. I almost expect the head of a person to be […]

Tue 07.05

Loewe “Flamenco” Bag: Loewering the Bar

Madrid’s venerable house of Loewe has produced luxury goods since 1846. And it has recently been on a real handbag hot streak! (The “May” bag is utterly divine!). But I’m sorry to say their latest effort, the “Flamenco” bag, flops – literally. A modern take on their emblematic eighties bag, it is, admittedly, a nice […]

Thu 05.19

Stella McCartney “Falabella” Bags: Milking the “Falabella,” Then Killing It

A classic case of a too much of a good thing. I was initially indifferent about the Stella McCartney “Falabella” bag, then I fell in love with the clutch. But this is chain-link trim overload! Now there is a bucket, quilted shoulder, slouchy bucket, metallic cross-body (because Lord knows you need your “Falabella” for evening […]

Wed 05.11

Reece Hudson “No. 7″ Sling Bag: What Planet Are You From?

Reece Hudson is taking the kooky bag shape to a new level – and I’m not feeling it. This flamboyantly angled lambskin shoulder bag is otherworldly, though not in a good way. While the varied textures are interesting (a woven front panel and motorcycle-style sides), the pointy, protruding silhouette just kills it. Just look at […]

Wed 04.20

Roberto Cavalli Doctor Fringed Distressed-Suede Bag: Handbag of Horrors

What on earth are you going to do with this? Unless you’re a mummy, you’re going to look ridiculous. It’s like an abandoned house where the chandeliers collect so much dust and spider webs that the debris starts to dangle down in a most foreboding way. (I went to a bar like that in New […]

Wed 03.16

Alexander Wang Adele Suede and Patent Leather Fold-over Trunk Clutch: Wang Gets This One Wrong

This clutch looks deceivingly normal. I want to like it, but on further inspection, you see it has a hard flat bottom (like the bottom of a bucket tote) that the bag folds over, crumpling across the hard bottom. In such a bulky patent leather, it looks stupid unless you precariously hide that part when […]