Fri 04.19

Fendi Logo PVC and Leather Clutch: How Logo Can You Go?

Just when Fendi had gotten so damn good! Is it possible we spoke too soon? I’m not writing off Lagerfeld and friends just yet, even though this logo-decked shoulder style looks like a relic from 1997 – and not in a cool way. One thing I do like is the price. It’s extra “Fs” for […]

Fri 03.15

Frugal Friday: Marc by Marc Jacobs Clearly PVC & Leather Bag

This red-hot Marc by Marc Jacobs is just the PVC bag to take on the transparent trend without forcing you to sacrifice function. There are some times when full disclosure is not an option, when you want something that’s more of a window to the world than a fish bowl. For those days, this bag […]

Fri 03.01

Jil Sander Notte Bag: Clear and Present Glamour

I’m clearly changing my mind about clear bags.  Maybe I just had something to hide before because now, I am loving being open and transparent. Even though I’m content to be in the clear these days, there is something particularly alluring about clarity with a tint, like Jil Sander’s midnight blue-tinged top-handle. Offset with some […]

Mon 02.11

Frugal Snob: PVC Tote Bags Made for Spring

Punxsutawney Phil hinted that it’s going to be an early spring, so you’d better get shopping for one of these pvc tote bags. Sure, they’re super beach friendly, but you don’t need to wait for balmy weather to tote these bags around. Don’t spend all of your savings on the style, though. Call it a […]

Thu 01.10

Top 5 iPad Cases: iProtect and Serve

So you got an iPad for the holidays and still haven’t bought a case to house it in. The guys at the Genius Bar are frowning at you right now. But when cases cost just as much as your iPad, the decision can be daunting. Do you want a slipcase that you can carry around […]

Mon 12.17

If You Must Go Black Bags: Nothing Basic About This Black

I know black is fashion’s #1 color, and while I get it, I still love a little brightness. But if you must go black, choose something embellished (just not so much so that it takes away from the reason you need a black bag – for versatility). You don’t want your bag to be a […]

Thu 11.08

Top Foul-Weather Friends: Shelter From the Storm

The harrowing winds of Hurricane Sandy recently ripped through the East Coast – and now a Nor’easter on top of it?! Mother Nature must be stark, raving mad about something this season, and there’s bad weather around the world to prove it. I have a feeling we’re going to be in for quite a winter, […]

Wed 10.31

Top 5 Bags of Tricks: No Treats Here

You’ve heard of costume jewelry – and probably have some gorgeous pieces in your box – but costume bags? That’s another issue entirely! In honor of Halloween, I’ve assembled a group of the spookiest tricks to shock…or at least raise an eyebrow or two. Who needs a costume when your bag does the character dressing […]

Fri 10.05

Seen on the Street Round Up: Petite in Paris

Out with the old and in with the teeny-tiny! The mini-purse proved to be the most powerful player on the streets outside the Paris Fashion Week shows, and it just goes to show that in many cases, smaller is better. And so is dressier. The day clutch is now a strong contender for the bag […]