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Thu 11.05
Top 5 Favorite Bag-and-Shoe Pairings

Top 5 Favorite Bag-and-Shoe Pairings: Best Party Couples

When it comes to coordinating your bag and shoes, the natural tendency is to go matchy-matchy, but that look is always very safe and lackluster. A little less literal is the route to take. What we want, especially for an occasion like a party, is to punctuate the pairing with personality.

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Tue 11.03
Gucci Padlock Shoulder Bag

Gucci Padlock Shoulder Bag: Gucci Gucci Goo

Never has a brand gone from blah to bam as quickly as Gucci under the new direction of Alessandro Michele. The departure of Frida Giannini was welcomed by both the industry and consumers, along with longtime Gucci devotees, and it was a brilliant move on the brand’s part appointing their Senior Accessories Director, as this is a house known for their accessories. Consider this new phase a welcome return to the brand’s strengths.

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Mon 11.02
You May Be Spending Too Much on Exotics

Top 5 Faux Skin Bags: You May Be Spending Too Much on Exotics

We all want the real deal, but sometimes a stamped leather will give you the same thrill without the hefty cost. In my experience, croc is the look designers recreate best, but snake is up there too (it’s worth noting, though, that snake is often the least expensive exotic if you are wanting to break into authentic exotics at an affordable price point).

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Fri 10.30
Givenchy Micro Nightingale Shoulder Bag in Black Goat Hair and Leather

Givenchy Micro Nightingale Shoulder Bag in Black Goat Hair and Leather: Game of Groans

Happy Halloween weekend! In honor of Fright Night, I have found the perfect spooky bag for all your trick-or-treating. As a matter of fact, the way I see it, this hairy situation is two-parts trick and one-part treat.

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Thu 10.29

Myriam Schaefer Bags: The Total Package

It is simply not possible to be everything to everyone. Brands who try to do so often fail. Instead, defining your brand’s DNA and confidently knowing your brand’s core: that’s how successful businesses are built. Myriam Schaefer gets that fact.

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Wed 10.28
Top 5 Tween-Worthy Bags Worth Splurging on For Your Daughter

Top 5 Tween-Worthy Bags Worth Splurging on For Your Daughter

There is nothing more difficult than getting a mother and a pre-teen or teen to agree on something. But when it comes to fashion and bags, you might have a rare chance at a consensus. I asked my daughter for help on this one…

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Fri 10.23

Top Coordinating Pairs of the Season: Miss Match

The runways proved that matching your bag to your ready-to-wear is the way to go for the Spring ’16 season, but I say, why wait until then?

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Wed 10.21
Top Rainbow Bags

Top Rainbow Bags: Here Comes the Sun

Shorter, colder days mean more time indoors and less sunshine, but let’s look on the bright side. Just when the gloom of fall has settled upon us, we get a burst of gorgeous rainbow-bright bags to cheer us up. The best thing about rainbows, besides the mood-boosting factor? They literally go with everything. When all the shades of the spectrum are included in your bag, it will pick up whichever you want. So don’t hesitate to take the color plunge.

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Tue 10.20
Loewe V Shoulder Suede

Loewe V Shoulder Suede Bag: To the Letter

This, my dear Snobs, is a serious game-changer for Loewe. The suede V shoulder bag, clearly named after the recurring triangular shape showcased on the unexpected calfskin strap, makes for a bag unlike anything else you own – or anything we’ve seen, for that matter.

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