Shoulder Bag
Tue 09.16
Top 5 Shearling Bags

Top 5 Shearling Bags: Warming Trend

Fur bags are an inevitability this time of year. And although it makes no physiological sense to provide your bags with warmth, especially fuzzy, furry, luxurious warmth, the look certainly does feel right for the season.

Mon 09.15
Marni Bag

Fall with Forzieri: Marni Leather Trunk Bag Giveaway!

Didn’t win the Aspinal of London clutch? No matter! We’re on to our third Forzieri giveaway bag, and we think you’re going to like it. No, not like – love. I make no secret of my Marni obsession, and Tina was equally enamored with Consuelo Castiglioni’s colorblocked Trunk back in April.

Mon 09.08
Mark Cross Grace Studded Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag

Mark Cross Grace Studded Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag: Making Your Mark

Seasons and decades can pass, but Mark Cross’ classic Grace box never gets old. Then again, that’s not to say that some fresh embellishments won’t make the eternal style suddenly feel like a must-have of the moment…

Sun 09.07
Victoria Beckham Spring 2015 Collection

Victoria Beckham Spring 2015 Collection: No-Limit Soldier

Working with Victoria Beckham for so many years, you come to realize one thing: There is absolutely nothing this determined and capable woman cannot do. Four children? No problem, whilst running an ever-expanding global empire, no less.

Fri 09.05
Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection

Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection: The Cara Effect

It-Brit luxury brand plus It-Brit supermodel: it was only a matter of time before the stars of Mulberry and Cara Delevingne aligned.

Wed 09.03

Anya Hindmarch Albion Two-Tone Leather Shoulder Bag and Ebury Textured Leather Tote: Kind of Blue

Dark dove gray, rich emerald green, burnt orange rust, and deep navy blue: these are likely the colors that are currently on your mind and making their way into your wardrobe now that Labor Day has passed and it is unofficially fall…

Wed 09.03
Nina Ricci Lutece Medium Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag

Nina Ricci Lutece Medium Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag: The Sound of Music

I love it when all parts on a bag are in perfect harmony, varied elements synthesized into one seamless entity. Designing a bag is not unlike conducting a symphony: an overly heavy-handed cellist will overshadow the violinist, and similarly an overly heavy chunky zipper will overtake a streamlined silhouette.

Thu 08.28
Zero + Maria Cornejo Ima Bag

Zero + Maria Cornejo Ima Bag: Zero the Hero

I am in love with this brand for the subtle genius in their effortlessly cool and unpretentiously modern designs. Zero + Maria Cornejo’s ready-to-wear is inventive, flattering, and special – and it has been for 15 years.

Wed 08.27
Prada Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag

Prada Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag: Fringe Day

Ahhh, Wednesdays! AKA “Hump Day,” or as some like to call it, “WTF Day.” Instead, I prefer to sidetrack myself from the weekly grind (and the rut that comes with it) and think of Wednesday as my favorite day of the week to indulge in a new favorite bag.