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Shoulder Bag
Tue 04.28

Alexander Wang Sneaker Large Shoulder Bag: Kick It!

If you told me there’s a great bag that looks like a pair of sneakers (or two pairs of sneakers, actually), I would seriously question your judgment. But then if you told me it was, of course, by Alexander Wang, I would reconsider. That’s why we love Alex…

Fri 04.24

Top 5 Morning-After Bags: Working a Double

The best times are often unexpected: once in a while, a night is so good it takes you right into the next morning. Lo and behold, the sun is up and you’re still in your cocktail attire.

Thu 04.23
Top 20 Summer Bags Under $200

Top 20 Summer Bags Under $200: A Free for All!

Well, not exactly free. But this ample selection of covetable bags, all comfortably priced under $200, is enough to make you feel like you’re getting a steal or two…or ten.

Thu 04.23

Top 5 Semi-Frilly Thrills: Amazing Lace

The inclusion of delicate lace details can change the most banal of bag shapes, from the crisp envelope to the top-handle tote, taking them from ordinary to extraordinarily alluring.

Tue 04.21
Charlotte Olympia Feline Leather Shoulder Bag

Charlotte Olympia Feline Leather Shoulder Bag: The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Although the immediate response to this piece is, “Cute but juvenile,” as it is with many things Charlotte Olympia, this actually works. On a big, serious bag, Charlotte’s now-trademark kitty cat mug wouldn’t feel right. But a mini bag, meant for fun times? I say why not.

Tue 04.21

Isabel Marant Hanley Shoulder Bag: In the Mood for Marant

On-trend shoes and breezy, insouciant ready-to-wear? That’s Isabel Marant all the way. But the still-reigning boho-princess hasn’t been one we turn to for bags, until now. Meet the Hanley shoulder bag, a mid-sized suede staple with plenty of casual appeal.

Wed 04.15
Top 5 Dramatic Cutouts

Top 5 Dramatic Cutouts: A Cutout Above

Last week, we shared our favorite frugal perforated bags, all coming in at under $200. On the flipside of the cutout camp, their luxuriant counterparts are hard to resist.

Tue 04.14

Proenza Schouler U Paneled Leather and Python Shoulder Bag: U Got the Look

There’s a lot going on here. Actually, this bag sports almost every trend of the season, from blocked stripes to combined neutrals to mixed textures to bold piping. Yet Proenza Schouler somehow makes it all work.

Mon 04.13
Marc by Marc Jacobs Luna Studded Leather Shoulder Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Luna Studded Leather Shoulder Bag: That’s My Jam

Flower crown? Check. Fringed and embellished suede vest? Check. Something crocheted, cropped, or both? Check. So what’s missing?