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Shoulder Bag
Fri 03.06
Jill Haber Davy Shoulder Bag

Jill Haber Davy Shoulder Bag: Seize the Davy

I have been in love with Jill Haber’s evening bags since day one (literally!). She’s come a long way since then, and I can’t say I’m surprised. A single look at one of her first designs, and it’s clear she was a star on the rise. Well, that love continues to grow to this day, as this star only shines brighter.

Wed 03.04
Chloé Fay Python Flap Shoulder Bag

Chloé Fay Python Flap Shoulder Bag: Peace, Love, and Fay

In case you hadn’t noticed, what with the sudden inundation of embellished and patchwork denim, soft and accessible suede, and fringe everything, the ’70s are back in full swing…

Wed 03.04
Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini Leather Shoulder Bag: Neo Soul

The Neo Classic is one of Balenciaga’s, well, classic styles, but we’re just now seeing it in perfected mini form. The smaller version is so great, so much better than her bigger (and bulkier) sister, which makes for an overwhelming bag that’s heavy thanks to ample hardware.

Tue 03.03
Moschino Leather-Trimmed Printed Quilted Shell Bags

Moschino Leather-Trimmed Printed Quilted Shell Bags: The Right to Bear Arms

What do an average third-grader and a diehard Moschino girl have in common? A love of cartoon creatures and iconic toys, of course. Yes, when it comes to Moschino these days, there’s no amount of kitsch Jeremy Scott can deliver that will shock us.

Wed 02.25

The Best Bags of London Fashion Week: The British Are Carrying

Leave it to the Brits to bring the camp, cleverness, and cheekiness to the Fall ’15 lineup. At London, there was no shortage of personality, to say the least. The question is: who do you want to play with come fall?

Fri 02.20
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: That ‘70s Show

New York Fashion Week may be over, but the number one trend seen along the catwalks is just gearing up. Channel the free-spirited days of the ‘70s with platforms, floppy hats, off-the-shoulder peasant tops, and bell-bottoms so exaggerated you can’t even tell if they’re pants or a dress.

Thu 02.19
Bags to the Future

Bags to the Future: The Transformation of Victoria Beckham

Who’s the Snobbiest Bag Snob of all?! Victoria Beckham, that’s who. Her personal style and hair (from cropped to long, frosty blonde to rich brunette) have changed greatly throughout the years, but one thing has remained constant: her bags. More specifically, her great taste in bags.

Fri 02.13
Alaïa Arabesque Small Studded Leather Shoulder Bag

Alaïa Arabesque Small Studded Leather Shoulder Bag: On Red Alert

We’re used to seeing Alaïa bags of the big, top-handle tote variety (not that I’m complaining), so it’s refreshing to see this convenient shoulder-to-crossbody style…

Thu 02.12

Top 5 Curved Edges: Round-Up of Rounded Bags

For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. So with the recent onslaught of hard, unyielding bags, you can bet there’s a slew of softer options to even things out. Here it is: the counter movement to the recent structured bag obsession.