Thu 04.26

Top 5 Straw Basics: Let’s Draw Straws

There’s no reason to relegate a straw bag to beach-vacation time. If you opt for one with the right shape and details, you can gain a great summer basic in the laidback material: the casual vibe in a functional bag. Whether it’s a classic tote that eases into everyday life or a structured satchel that’s […]

Tue 04.17

Proenza Schouler Tiki Clutch: Let’s Hit the Tiki Lounge

There’s kitsch and then there’s camp: too much kitsch (and sometimes too much is just a little bit) can kill a bag, even if it’s knowing nod to a humorous reference. But camp is smart, infusing a sense of the over-the-top with a clever smirk. Proenza Schouler has camp down, especially when it comes to […]

Mon 04.16

Top 5 Lolita-Inspired Bags: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, which was first published back in 1955, might still be one of the most controversial novels of all time, but I’d like to look at it from a lighter perspective. The lusted-after young lady had a great eye for accessories! While heart-shaped glasses might be the item most synonymous with the bubblegum-smacking, […]

Fri 03.23

Top 5 Snobby Black-and-Whites: Graphic Content

From neons to pastels, it seems like color is abounding more than ever this year. Which means it’s time to take a small, high-heeled step back and think about contrast. I love juxtaposing bold, graphic prints with bright shades – it keeps everything innovative and it’s a great way to show off your individual eye. […]

Tue 05.17

Tory Burch Synthetic Straw Shoulder Bag: Grasping at Straws

Think of summer and what comes to mind before a straw bag? Tory Burch’s synthetic straw (no wheat died for this!) shoulder bag is just the way I like my flax. With metallic silver leather trim, this is no country bumpkin’s picnic purse. It’s a hot city handbag! Tina gave me a straw-and-silver bag years […]

Wed 07.14

Frugal Snob Picks for Under $100 at Endless

We have always said being a Bag Snob does not necessarily mean you have to spend your entire salary on one bag to qualify as one. It’s about being savvy and having good taste and buying the best bag you can afford. Our Frugal Snob picks are anything under $1000 but we have been criticized […]

Wed 07.07

Roger Vivier Rendez-Vous Collection

The big news from Roger Vivier this week, in the midst of the Paris Haute Couture shows, is the new direction the luxe French brand is taking its couture collection of bags and shoes. Introducing Rendez-Vous, a new limited edition concept whose goal is to bridge the gap between what was the couture line and […]

Wed 05.26

Barneys New York Island Doctor’s Bag

I want to change my career to “Island Doctor” if this is what they’re carrying. This is the most stylish doctor bag ever. Well, it’s not even fair to discount it like this. This is simply a beautiful bag no matter what your job is. Luckily for me, my job is to carry nice bags!! […]

Wed 01.27

Chanel “Coco Country” Bag

When Karl Lagerfeld erected a Chanel barn for his spring fashion show–complete with haystacks and reclaimed wood–I knew he had something pastoral up his sleeve. While I may not have agreed with his choice of shoes (clogs anyone?), the bags are a completely different story. I love the playful take on classic Chanel bags refashioned […]