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Fri 07.03

Top 5 Savvy Suede Bags: Under $500 and Fabulous

Think fall’s luxest material has to come with a luxe price tag to match? Think again. Some of my favorite suede bags ring in at $500 or lower. When you spend a little less, you also get the freedom of less worry, not that carrying a new suede bag should make you fret.

Thu 06.18
Top 5 Bejeweled Basic Bags

Top 5 Bejeweled Basic Bags: Crown Jewels

It’s not news to any of us that sparkle gets you noticed. And adding a glittering embellishment to an otherwise simple black or neutral bag isn’t a revolutionary idea for any designer, not by any means.

Fri 06.12
Top Pouches with Punch

Top Pouches with Punch: What Your Bag is Missing

If you have not adopted the use of a pouch that can be transferred from bag to bag, you are seriously making your life very difficult. The catch-all essential, for everything from receipts to lip gloss to keys…

Wed 06.10
Tomas Maier Bicolor Suede Shoulder Bag

Tomas Maier Bicolor Suede Shoulder Bag: In Versatile Style

There aren’t too many designers who are confident enough to say less really is more, and then back that minimalist spirit with and a casual attitude to match. Tomas Maier is one of those uncommon designers. With this latest suede shoulder bag, his eloquent take on quiet luxury is underscored with measured details.

Mon 06.08
Chloé Drew Mini Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag

Chloé Drew Mini Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag: The Luck of the Drew

The Drew is one of the cutest bags from Chloé in recent years. A curvy, little number like this delivers plenty of kick, without going too far in any direction. You’ve got your color pop, courtesy of rich blue suede. The hue is maximized against smooth-grain leather in semi-muted bordeaux…

Thu 06.04
Charlotte Olympia This Is Not A Bag Suede Clutch

Charlotte Olympia This Is Not A Bag Suede Clutch: A Perfect Circle

Barring the fact that Chanel did the whole hula hoop bag thing a few years back, and the fact that – surprise! – a metal hoop is not the most comfortable thing to dangle from one’s arm, I like this bag.

Mon 05.25

Memorial Day Sales: Red, White, and Blue Bags

Everyone’s favorite weekend has finally arrived! As a kid, I lived for the moment we could finally say, “school’s out for summer,” and now as a mom, I still love it for all the sale shopping.

Thu 05.21

Vanessa Hudgens x Chloé Faye Mini Crossbody Bag: Not for the Faye-nt of Heart

Vanessa Hudgens is known for her boho, Coachella style, but she doesn’t reserve the look solely for the California desert.

Tue 04.21

Isabel Marant Hanley Shoulder Bag: In the Mood for Marant

On-trend shoes and breezy, insouciant ready-to-wear? That’s Isabel Marant all the way. But the still-reigning boho-princess hasn’t been one we turn to for bags, until now. Meet the Hanley shoulder bag, a mid-sized suede staple with plenty of casual appeal.