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The Holy Grail of Bags
Mon 04.25
Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag from Designer Vault!

For a mom, the best gift on Mother’s Day is the love of her children. But since she hopefully already has that, the next best thing is a Chanel Classic Flap bag (in JUMBO)! In honor of the May 8th holiday, we’ve partnered up with Designer Vault to give away just that – a blue Caviar leather Jumbo in excellent condition (estimated retail value: $5,500). I have my fingers crossed that you’ll win, but if you don’t, you’ll want a back-up present; e-commerce luxury consignment boutique Designer Vault has everything from Chanel bags to jewelry to shoes, all of which are sure to delight the finest lady in your life. Besides, if you do win, you’ll get to keep the gift you bought her (or if you’re a really great son or daughter, she’ll have the most memorable Mother’s Day ever!).

Thu 01.14
TC Stuff (1 of 1)-30

The Hermès Birkin: A Better Investment than Stocks or Gold?! YASSSS!

I’ve long preached the gospel of the Hermès Birkin (and all things Hermès, for that matter). During the lean real estate years, I convinced my husband that with my bags, I was liquid, whereas he owned land, an acquisition with a price that just wasn’t stable.

Thu 11.12
Hermès Leathers

Hermès Leathers: A Healthy Addiction

I have often joked that there is something about Hermès leathers, much like the world’s most addictive drugs, that get women (well, me at least) high. The scent of Hermès leather is like no other, and once you catch a whiff, you only want more.

Featured Items
Fri 11.06
The Most Expensive Bags in the World

The Most Expensive Bags in the World: Because You’re Worth It

As we head towards the holiday season, extravagance and fantasy begin to occupy our minds. For fun, as research, or for the sole sake of ogling, here are the most expensive bags money can buy, that are, indeed, worthy of their staggering prices.

Featured Items
The Most Expensive Bags in the World
The Most Expensive Bags in the World
The Most Expensive Bags in the World
The Most Expensive Bags in the World
Thu 07.02
The Business of the Birkin

The Business of the Birkin: Quiet Luxury, Big Reward

Accessory designers are always looking to create the “next Birkin.” As someone who’s reviewed tens of thousands of bags over the years, though, I can tell you, it ain’t gonna happen. There will never be a bag as iconic as Hermès’ holy grail. It’s a true investment piece…

Wed 06.17
5 Essentials Bags for Jane Birkin

5 Essentials Bags for Jane Birkin (and the Rest of Us Wannabes)

Obsessed with Jane Birkin? I’m talking the person, not the bag. I am, and there’s no shame in it. You can have your Kardashians and Jenners, but I will forever revere the style of the one and only Jane Birkin. For over half a century, she’s dressed to please herself…

Mon 12.29
The Best Bags of 2014

The Best Bags of 2014: That’s a Wrap!

While the past year proved to be a tumultuous one in many ways, 2014 was undeniably a year of great bags.

Fri 12.20
Holiday Giveaway

Holiday Giveaway: Win an Hermes Birkin!

Online vintage mecca Bella Bag has generously sponsored the giveaway of this gorgeous Hermes Birkin. Have you entered to win yet? There’s just a week and a half left to throw your hat in the ring!

Wed 12.04
Holiday Giveaway

Holiday Giveaway: Win an Hermes Birkin!

To kick off the holiday season, we’ll be offering one of our best giveaways to date – an Hermès Birkin! What better way to begin the New Year than with the world’s most coveted accessory? This is truly the Holy Grail for us Bag Snobs.