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Fri 11.27
Cyber Weekend Sales

Cyber Weekend Sales: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You’ve cleaned up a Thanksgiving-ravaged kitchen, put your feet up, and now it’s time to shop! I’m sure you still have more family-and-friends-time to enjoy this weekend, though, so to maximize your sale-scouring experience, I’ve pulled together the best of the online deals

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Tue 11.24
Top 5 Big Winter Bags

Top 5 Big Winter Bags: The Big Freeze

‘Tis the season that brings out the Santa in all of us. To play the part, a bag big enough to stash all your gifts is definitely in order. And when you’re done granting everyone’s wishes, the impending temperature dip certainly makes for the time of year that requires plenty of room for toting extra cold weather gear.

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Mon 11.23
Top 5 Manic Monday Bags

Top 5 Manic Monday Bags: Earthy Embellishments

Each and every week doesn’t start with a bang. Sometimes you get the luxury of easing on in, especially when it comes to weeks that end early like this one, which officially kicks off the holiday season. Speaking of luxury, these easygoing, new bags possess a different kind of luxe appeal, proving earthy embellishments with a rustic twist can be as alluring as the all-out glam stuff.

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Mon 11.23

Top Dark Floral Bags: Dangerous Romance

Calling all bad girls and rabble-rousers. There’s a new bunch of florals on the scene and while they may be fresh-picked, there’s nothing sweet about this garden variety. My new favorite floral bags are mysterious, unexpected, and most of all, dark, proving the enduring flower theme shouldn’t be strictly reserved for spring.

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Thu 11.19
Top 5 Rock-Formation Clutches

Top 5 Rock Formation Clutches: Between a Rock and a Haute Place

Getting back to nature has never been so chic and glamorous. Usually when you think of taking a hike, dusty trails and jagged edges come to mind. Some of these rock-inspired clutches definitely feature the latter, but in the sleekest way possible.

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Wed 11.18
Snob Essentials Holiday ’15 Edie Crossbody

Snob Essentials Holiday ’15 Edie Crossbody: Edie Does It

I’m so excited to announce our Holiday bags have arrived! My favorite shape out of the new collection is the Edie. It’s a petite, mini-sized style meant for you to wear crossbody, but don’t let the small size fool you. Edie can handle a lot.

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Tue 11.17
Top 5 Fun, Unexpected Top-Handle Bags

Top 5 Fun, Unexpected Top Handle Bags: Take It from the Top

Forget neutral and necessarily practical-looking. The top-handle bag is meant to be fun because when you’re carrying something right in your hand, it receives full attention. And rightly so! An amusing and quirky bag that only gets tucked in at your side has just missed the point.

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Tue 11.17
Top 7 Instant Bag Updates

Top 7 Instant Bag Updates: Bag-Toppers and Stocking-Stuffers

We’ve all been there: As classic our tastes usually are, at times we want to join the latest craze and have a bit of fun. But fun often comes at a high cost. That Fendi monster bag you’ve seen everywhere? Sure, it’s a good time now, but in a year or two you might find yourself questioning that moment of insanity.

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Mon 11.16
Manic Monday

Manic Monday: Katy Perry Tiers It Up

On stage, Katy Perry’s style is candy-coated and over-the-top (And I mean that in a good way; these are costumes, after all!), but in real life, she finds the perfect balance of sophistication and fun. She often dons the work of relatively-unknown designers like Ulyana Sergeenko, who artfully constructed the pop star’s pleated, tiered skirt bubbling in an array of colorful polka dots…

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