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Wed 08.12

Marni Colorblock Leather Every Day Bag: Brighten Up Your Day

You might remember a similar variation of this new Marni bag that I fell for back in the spring. I loved the red trim, but I know red can get old. Now this, this is the must-have bag that won’t get boring. No coincidence it’s called the Every Day tote.

Wed 08.12
Balenciaga Mini Le Dix Cartable Bag

Balenciaga Mini Le Dix Cartable Bag: Refresher Course

All it takes is a simple tweak (or two) to make an old bag brand-new again. Balenciaga’s choice to outfit their Le Dix Cartable bag with white piping is more than enough to revive, refresh, and reinvigorate my interest in the style all over again.

Tue 08.11

Top 5 Tweed Bags: Separate the Tweed from the Boys

There’s something so timelessly sophisticated about one of fall’s favorite fabrics, tweed.

Tue 08.11
An Interview with Tyler Alexandra

An Interview with Tyler Alexandra: Exotic Expressions

I met Tyler and immediately, I knew: This is a girl who knows her bags. I love meeting designers whose passion is visceral. Her creations aren’t just about bags and applying exotic skins; they’re about life and all of her experiences.

Mon 08.10

Extra 20% Off the Luisa via Roma Sale: Shop Fall Trends at a Discount

If you didn’t think it was a Manic Monday before now, then the additional 20% discount Luisa via Roma has applied to their sale selections will make you a believer!

Mon 08.10

Manic Monday: Seeing Stars…And Spots…and Other Stuff!

How is it already Monday again? I’m not going to opine on why the weekend goes by in the blink of an eye, while a workday can feel like an eternity. Instead, I’m going to distract myself with a bunch of bags that have me all starry-eyed.

Mon 08.10
Michino Phedra Clutch

Michino Phedra Clutch: All It Takes is One

You might not have heard of this brand – that’s perfectly fine; as far as I’m concerned, this bag is the first of theirs worthy of any attention – but take notice. A gently priced snakeskin bag, albeit one of watersnake realized with great styling, is always on-trend, no matter what you’re wearing.

Fri 08.07
Street Style Trend Alert

Street Style Trend Alert: Vita Kin

From fringe to hobo bags to exaggerated hoop earrings, the boho look is a fashion favorite at the moment, and none are doing it as well as Ukranian brand Vita Kinicon. For one thing, the style – vyshyvanka, the nation’s traditional embroidered clothing – is a different take on boho than we’re used to seeing.

Fri 08.07
Top 5 Ultimate On-Trend Bags NOW

Top 5 Ultimate On-Trend Bags NOW: Living in the Moment

The most common question I get asked when people find out what I do is: “So, what’s the hot bag right now?” Of course I could tell them to just read my blog, but instead of being snarky, I opt to be helpful and rattle off a list of current bags that are the most relevant.