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Mon 11.26

Cameron Silver: A Decade and beyond

When Cameron Silver left a successful concert career and opened the doors of Decades Inc, the uber glam vintage boutique on Melrose, he did not expect the business to last more than a decade. Now, 12 years later, the store is not only Hollywood’s preferred source of Red Carpet gowns, it is the premier spot […]

Fri 10.12

Annie Churchill: Beauty and the City

Photos courtesy of Annie Churchill What does Actress/Philanthropist/Designer and Environmental Activist Annie Churchill have in common with Carrie Bradshaw? No, they are not both dating “Big” but they will be sharing screen time in the much anticipated movie edition of “Sex and The City” next Spring! Annie and I met through a mutual close friend […]

Wed 09.26

The Allure of Brigette Romanek

During Fashion Week I met the very lovely and very stylish Brigette Romanek, designer of Romanek line of bags. We went for drinks at Pipas, a cute little tapas and sangria place in Chelsea and bonded from “hello”. We had so much fun talking about everything under the sun; from bags to babies (we each […]

Wed 09.12

View from the Front Row with Ken Downing

Ken Downing- Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus and Bag Snob Tina I have been running into friends from Dallas all week; including the fabulous Ken Downing, Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus. Ken has been heralded the most influential man in fashion not to mention the hardest working. I saw him at every show I attended, […]

Sat 09.08

Zac Posen Limited Edition DHL Bag Launch Party

Bag Snob Tina (wearing Zac Posen) with Zac Posen Hi everyone. I am still in New York in midst of a flurry of fashion shows and parties. I promise I will have a ton of photos and reviews of the shows plus a video interview with Zac Posen up shortly! Zac’s latest venture, the limited […]

Mon 09.03

Sang A – Modern Classic Beauty

Singer turned designer, Sang A, caught our attention with her bold designs. She began designing stage costumes for herself and her back up singers. How often do you get a story like that about designers? No wonder we love her! She draws inspiration from Sophia Lauren and designers Christian Dior, classic and new Balenciaga and […]

Tue 06.19

Holly Peterson: The Manny

If you have ever wondered what goes on behind closed penthouse doors on Park Avenue, you must pick up a copy of The Manny, a hilarious new novel by Holly Peterson. She is not only one of the funniest story tellers of our time, she is one of the most intelligent and engaging writers I’ve […]

Wed 04.18

Massimo Suppancig: The Prince who woke Valextra

Valextra Rigid Tote in white, $1,190 Small White Boston bag – $1,850 Exclusively at Barneys New York Every Sleeping Beauty awaits a Prince to rouse her from slumber and Valextra was no exception. A luxury brand established in 1937, Valextra was once the ultimate in status bags and luggage; decorating the arms and yachts of […]

Fri 03.23

Kelly Lin: Beauty and the Bag

Photos courtesy of GQ Taiwan One of the biggest names in the Hong Kong film industry, Kelly Lin (or Lam Hei Lui/Lin Hsi Lei depending on the dialect you speak), is an avid bag collector who’s earned her place in the Bag Snob Hall of Fame, she is also one of my best friends! I […]