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Wed 02.10
The Best Striped Bags

The Best Striped Bags: Put Your Best Stripe Forward

Stripes: No longer relegated to sports or prepsters, the fashion set has claimed them for our own. And trust we have really run with them. This season, almost every major designer has gone stripe-happy, but I can say with confidence that none have done it as well as Gucci. Can I just say Gucci, Gucci, Gucci is all I dream about? Every. Single. Day. Never would I ever think that stripes, chains, and bows could be so well-executed. But here they are, along with my other favorite stripes of the season!

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Mon 02.08
Chinese New Year Bags

A Bag for Every Sign: Happy Chinese New Year!

Today officially marks the first day of the Year of the Monkey! My son was born in the Year of the Golden Monkey, so I’m naturally biased towards this sign. Monkeys are most creative and intelligent, and they’re also known for being playful, enthusiastic, and highly social. This is the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, and it’s being said anything can happen in 2016, particularly when it comes to personal endeavors. Might I suggest acquiring a new bag as your first personal endeavor of the new year?

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Tue 02.02
Saint Laurent Cabas Rive Gauche Small Tote

Saint Laurent Cabas Rive Gauche Small Tote: Winning the Primaries

I know pastel colors are the thing this season (and I thank Pantone for the sudden omnipresence of Rose Quartz and Serenity, a fresh take on sky blue), but I still love a good bold color story. Which is why I’m serving one up right now!

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Mon 02.01
How to Do Chic Maternity

How to Do Chic Maternity: Anne Hathaway x Marc by Marc Jacobs

Anne Hathaway’s been out of the limelight lately, as she prepares for the arrival of her first baby, but all it takes is one stellar red carpet appearance to remind the world of just how chic and fabulous you really are – especially when pregnant. There’s nothing wrong with plain old maternity wear for these occasions, but I love when women make non-maternity clothes work in spite of their growing bellies…

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Thu 01.28
Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag

Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag: Double Shot

I don’t usually recommend fixing what isn’t broken, but the execution of the new Double (pronounced “dooblay”) bag is nothing short of pure Prada perfection. Now my go-to daily tote is better than ever with an updated look as sumptuous as it is chic. Thanks to the marshmallow cream and caramel version, I’m salivating as I write this, dreaming of my favorite salted caramel sundae that’s totally verboten on my January health kick (I’ll be back to eating steak et frites and cupcakes by February). Until then, the bag will satiate my craving.

Thu 01.21
Steal the Look

Steal the Look: Vanessa Hudgens x Céline and J Brand

Winter dressing can be a real downer, especially when you’re navigating the New York City sidewalks and temperatures are barely hitting the above-freezing mark. Enter Vanessa Hudgens for some mid-winter style inspiration. She was spotted in the city on Tuesday, after stopping by SiriusXM Studios, in a look that’s color-blocking perfection.

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Wed 01.20
Top Happy-Go-Lucky New Bags

Happy-Go-Lucky Bags: Spring is in the Air

This spring is all about projecting an innocent spirit. I’m loving the sense of optimism and joyful attitude that’s already in full effect. It’s the perfect way to start off the new year, one that, by the look of things, is guaranteed to be a good one. It also looks like it will be nothing but picnics all season, and I am definitely okay with that! Come prepared to soak up the sun with the right bag…

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Tue 01.19
Ladylike Bags

Top 3 Ladylike Bags: Street Style Sophistication

I’ve been loving the ladylike vibe of street style lately. My fingers are crossed that the trend will continue through the upcoming Fashion Month, but I’m sure some clown couture will sneak its way in, as always. Oh well! Until then, let’s revel in some sophistication. Whether you’re dressed in a pleated mini like Taylor Swift or leather sweats and sneakers like model Irina Shayk, a structured, feminine bag will always look good. Gigi Hadid’s sleek Saint Laurent is my favorite…

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Mon 01.18
Alessandra Ambrosio

The Best Bag Swag to Wear with Denim: It’s All in the Jeans

While we love bags of all shapes, sizes, and styles, there are many that call for specific, often elegant occasions. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t spend most days in a ball gown (I do spend most of my dreams in one, though!). What we shop for more than anything else is the bag we can wear with our everyday uniform: jeans. That isn’t to say that an accessory fit for this kind of outfit must be boring or basic.

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