Tue 03.25
Jil Sander Leather Tote

Jil Sander Mirrored-Leather Tote: Through the Looking Glass

Look who’s back! Mirrored leather, high-shine and unapologetic, has returned to the scene, and I definitely need to get in on the glossy action. Especially when it’s done this right: reflective silver can easily go the way of a disco inferno – be wary of construction when it comes to this fickle leather; one wrong move and you’ve gotten something cheap and tacky that should be left on the retro dance floor.

Mon 03.24
Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa Ayers Bags

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa Ayers Bags: The Venetian Way

The age-old expression, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” has never rang truer than when it comes to the iconic and famed Bottega Veneta weave. The beauty lies in the brand’s unique magic: their signature intrecciato technique is instantly recognizable, no second guessing required, without a logo or nameplate to be found. Who needs it?

Thu 03.20
Tory Burch Laser-Cut Garden Tote

Tory Burch Laser-Cut Garden Tote: Garden of Delights

Spring has officially sprung and with it, a whole new crop of bags! I’ve recently discovered a love of gardening (okay, more like planting herbs, not actual flowers – I’ll leave that to the professionals), placing Tory Burch’s white laser-cut tote at the top of my list.

Wed 03.19
BOYY Jacques Chain-Trim Leather Tote

BOYY Jacques Chain-Trim Leather Tote: Let’s Hear It for the Boyys

I am loving this cool new brand. BOYY, the brainchild of Jesse Dorey and Wannasiri Kongman, is exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman for now, but mark my words: this brand is going to blow up.

Mon 03.17
St. Patrick’s Day Green Bags

St. Patrick’s Day Green Bags: Don’t Get Pinched!

According to legend dating back to Boston in the 1700s, if leprechauns (or your prankster friends) see that you’re not wearing green on March 17th, they’ll pinch you! To avoid unsightly little bruises, I recommend one of the Emerald Isle-hued options below. My husband’s maternal grandfather was 100% happy go lucky Irish, and his spirit has me in the mood to celebrate.

Thu 03.13
Mark Cross Wicker Tote

Mark Cross Manray Rattan Wicker Tote: Wicked Good

Both Tina and I are currently on a wicker kick (Tina’s weave of choice is Dolce & Gabbana), and it’s no coincidence. It’s not even a matter of a new spring trend. It’s all about the time of year. Nothing says summer quite like having a basket in your hand as you take a stroll in the sunshine.

Thu 03.13
Bottega Veneta Double Handle Woven Tote Bag

Bottega Veneta Double Handle Woven Tote Bag: Functional and Fabulous

Satchel or life organizer? What about a Bottega Veneta bag that’s both?! While on the outside, this has the look of a quintessential day bag, it opens up to reveal a supremely innovative interior with compartments as detailed as those of a steamer trunk.

Wed 03.12
Lanvin Vertical Shopper Tote

Lanvin Vertical Shopper Tote: It Pays to Go Paisley

If you’ve been in search of a different day bag to make you stand out, this wildly printed shopper has it in spades…or should I say paisleys? There’s nothing that explicitly says “Lanvin” about this tote (aside from the discreet label that, you know, says “Lanvin”), none of their ordinary ribbons or brass chain-links.

Tue 03.11
Balenciaga Padlock Work Leather Tote

Balenciaga Padlock Work Leather Tote: You’d Better Work

Here you go: a great Balenciaga classic without the signature Balenciaga fuss. Just good, clean, boxy-structured fun. Take a look at the proportions; this is a smaller bag than you might expect, which makes the overall effect so cute. Otherwise, in a big tote size, it would be a bit overwhelming.