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Tue 12.04

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bags at Neiman Marcus: 2 Days Only!

Dozens of select Proenza bags are available today and tomorrow at Neiman’s! This is a great time to develop your PS stash – even if you already have all of the essentials, pick them up in these fun bright colors (I mean do you have them in hot pink, orchid, and citron??). Jewel tones are […]

Mon 09.03

McQ Alexander McQueen’s Kingsland Shopper and Collar Stud Wallet: Gold Rush

Mirrored vinyl may sound like something frighteningly tacky, but bags speak louder than words. McQ Alexander McQueen, a brand you can always count on for a lighthearted take on gritty edge, has produced sleek and shiny decadence that is anything but vulgar, and now I’m saying, “Let it shine.” Sometimes high-octane gleam looks too much […]

Mon 07.30

Shinola: You Know No Better

This week, I found myself on a mini adventure to Detroit to experience a rebirth. Slightly dramatic? Yes, but equally necessary to describe what I saw. The city of Detroit has a downtrodden reputation that has persisted with its name for as long as I can remember. As we all know, its home of American […]

Fri 07.27

Santiago Gonzalez: The Man of the Hour

I am still traveling in Asia, and I find it so interesting that almost every Chinese man I know carries some sort of man bag. I saw a show about luxury-buying behavior in China on the plane the other day (it’s really the only time I watch TV) and it stated that 50% of luxury-bag […]

Thu 07.12

Top 5 Men’s Wallets: Perfect Portefeuille

Imagine this bit of horror: you’re at dinner at one of the chicest restaurants in town, and the check comes. You pull out your wallet, and your guests mouthes drop in shock of seeing what you’re carrying. You just had the most epic of epic fails: the ugly wallet. Luckily, I’m here to help prevent […]

Mon 07.02

Top 5 Scene-Stealing Wallets: Pack It All In

When I’m on the road (or in the high skies, for that matter), the importance of a good wallet really comes into focus. Or even better, an eye-catching wallet. I like to keep an array of wallets in my arsenal to switch up from time to time, whether I’m lightening the load or craving some […]

Thu 06.28

Top 5 Patriotic Bags: Made in the U.S.A.

In honor of Independence Day and all the fireworks and barbecue fun that come with it, I’ve elected an eternal color combination I don’t usually seek out: red, white, and blue! From stars to stripes to anchors and abstractions, I’m feeling unusually patriotic at the moment. Show your Fourth-of-July love with a casual bag, perfect […]

Thu 03.22

Top 5 Pouches to Lighten the Load: Kangaroo You

Summertime requires you to lighten your load: maybe because you have a lot of other things to carry, maybe it’s the “swipe of lip gloss and go” mentality. For me, when the heat is on I just want to be breezy so I can take long walks without dragging the entire contents of my bedroom […]

Thu 03.15

Santiago Gonzalez: Crocodile Pour Homme

As a member of the Bag Snob team, you cannot help but be a fan of Nancy Gonzalez and her lovely and luxurious crocodile goods. They have always proven to be showstoppers! Well, for the boys, there’s Santiago Gonzalez, the line from her prodigious son, and they’re quite the hit. We’re talking ultra high quality […]