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Mon 01.18
Frugal Snob

Frugal Snob: The Many Uses Of Coconut Oil

Whether or not you’re on a budget, coconut oil is one of those super ingredients that should always be stocked in your kitchen – and in your vanity. We’re going through a serious “fat does not make you fat” moment in nutrition, which is at the basis of this trend since coconut oil is rich lauric acid, a fatty acid (while it’s a saturated fat – aka the “bad” fat – it’s metabolized faster in the body than those found from animal sources). The same fatty properties that make it a healthful dietary addition also make it a near cure-all for beauty woes, along with the fact that it’s an anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Make sure, however, that you’re spending the few extra dollars to get raw, organic, virgin coconut oil.

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Tue 12.15
Hangover Cures

Hangover Cures: Instant Gratification Facial Treatments

It’s that time of year when our bodies are being pushed to the limit, both mentally and physically. We are all crazy-busy between shopping, cooking, decorating, and maybe traveling. Add the endless parties, nice wines, and late nights, and who takes the real beating? Your skin! Then you need to look good all over again the next day, so what do you do? Booking a facial would be ideal, but let’s be serious: Squeezing in an appointment like that just isn’t feasible. Santa is the only who’s able to stop time around here.

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Tue 11.24
Lift, Lift, and Away

Lift, Lift, and Away: Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream is a Dream

I’ve seen just about every fad come and go (thanks to the Digital Age, trends get recycled as quickly as the seasons change!), but one thing never goes out of style: anti-aging – or more specifically, lifting products that claim to reverse time.

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Wed 10.14

Eye Serums vs. Eye Creams: The Good, the Better, and the Best

With all of the skincare “must-haves” out there these days (and less time to fit them all into your beauty routines), it’s best to minimize the amount of product on your vanity and decide what works best for you. And that brings me to a question I’ve been asked a lot lately…

Thu 09.24
Equitance Brightening Collection

Equitance Brightening Collection: I See the Light

I’ve always been taught that a beautiful complexion starts from within. No amount of makeup can truly mask bad skin. You need to sleep well, eat well, and avoid smoking and tanning at all costs (if only everyone could see side-by-side photos of how they would look if they did and didn’t indulge in these!).

Mon 09.07
Caring for Your Skin through Each Decade

Caring for Your Skin Through Each Decade

As we age, our skin develops different needs and we have to change our routines to keep it looking its best. How to do that, though, isn’t always clear.

Mon 08.03
Equitance 60-Day Brightening Challenge

Equitance 60-Day Brightening Challenge: Enter for Better Skin!

To tan or not to tan? That is the question I ask myself every summer. I love the look of a sun-kissed glow, but dark spots and wrinkles are not worth it. With all the time I’ve spent on the beaches of Florida lately, though, a tan is pretty much a forgone conclusion for me at this point.

Thu 07.02
Mirai Clinical Purifying & Deodorizing Body Wash

Mirai Clinical Purifying & Deodorizing Body Wash: Does a Body Good

As if we need more worries as we age, but unfortunately odor is one of them. Luckily for us, this anti-odor body wash is here to help with ingredients like Japanese persimmon extract and green tea.

Fri 06.12

Addicted to Lashes

As you age, your eyeballs sink into your head. Notwithstanding the eyeball thing, getting old is actually one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love the fact that I have lived long enough to have had a wealth of experiences…