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Ask Bobbi Brown
Tue 05.11

Watch Bobbi Brown on Today show this morning at 9:15am!

Hey snobs, I just got a text message from Bobbi that she will be on the Today show this morning doing her own make up live on air! TUNE IN from 9:15am-9:30am on NBC! Don’t worry if you missed it, I’ll have the video up soon…!

Fri 01.29

What Makes You Feel Pretty Powerful? Win a trip to New York and meet Bobbi Brown!

Bobbi Brown is asking real women to share a video with her about how they go from feeling pretty to pretty powerful by February 9th.  (It’s so easy, just use your Flip or computer cam like Bobbi did here!) Fifteen finalists will be chosen from that pool and sent a personalized selection of Bobbi’s essential […]

Fri 01.29

Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals Collection

I have had a fear of coral colored cosmetics since I was very young. It was 1983 and I was 13 years old. My BFF was a honey blonde with peaches and cream complexion and she decided to make me over. After applying coral (orange) blush and lipsticks on me she proudly showed me a […]

Tue 01.12

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful: Behind the scenes!

“For the campaign I chose to feature women I knew and wanted to celebrate because they are confident & beautiful.”— Bobbi BrownFor Spring 2010, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is featuring images of “real women” – friends who have inspired Bobbi with their integrity and passions– instead of models.  I was asked by Bobbi to be in […]

Fri 11.27

The Flights of Marceau: From Dad with love

40 years ago, Joe Brown spent many nights writing and spinning tales of a character named Marceau to entertain his children.  An attorney for over 50 years (a profession he disliked immensely), Joe wanted nothing more for his children then to be happy.  When one of them declared she wanted to major in “make up” […]

Fri 09.25

Ask Bobbi Brown

Our resident Beauty/Health expert, Bobbi Brown, decided to answer two readers’ questions even though her commitment is for one question per month. This is why we love Bobbi, she is generous with her time and very committed to helping women find their most natural beauty! If you have questions for Bobbi, please leave it in […]

Thu 08.06

Ask Bobbi: Our newest Monthly Column by Bobbi Brown!!!

I am SO excited to announce that starting in August, world renowned beauty and health guru Bobbi Brown will be blogging for us once a month!!! This took a lot of persuading on my part and calling her at random hours.  I called her while she was getting her hair done for her live appearance […]