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Tue 03.31
Getting Red Carpet Ready

Getting Red Carpet Ready: Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s hard enough creating an easy everyday beauty routine, so when it comes to getting red carpet ready, the stakes only get higher.

Thu 02.12
La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Oil and Emulsion

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Oil and Emulsion: So Happy Together

I used to be all about La Prairie’s Skin Caviar (even though I was probably too young to fully appreciate it), but when it comes to age-defying, hydrating beauty products, nothing tops their new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection.

Mon 01.05
Darphin Revitalizing Oil

Darphin Revitalizing Oil: Slather-On Spa

After a hot bath, I love to relax by slathering Darphin’s Revitalizing Oil all over my face, hair, and body, and sitting in my zero gravity massage chair for 20 minutes of pure bliss.

Mon 08.18
The End of Summer Glow

The End of Summer Glow: Get Up & Glow

I switch up beauty routines each season to challenge my skin, testing out new products while also keeping tried-and-true must-haves in the rotation. For over a decade, I’ve hoped that one of these regimens would give me the perfect dewy glow, and with the latest, I’ve finally cracked the code!

Wed 12.18
Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview: La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Line

La Prairie held a splashy event to launch two new products that are the result of major innovation. They’re coming out early next year, but I had the chance to check them both out now: the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, which can work separately or together.

Mon 06.10

L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil: Sun-Kissed and Soothed

I’ve been in Punta Mita all week, and in spite of my serious dedication to sunscreen and big hats, it’s been impossible to escape the sun’s harsh rays out on the beach! The creator of No. 3 berry face oil, Lea A.C. Fulton (a.k.a. L.A. Christine), grew up in Scandinavia, so she understands the damage […]

Mon 02.25

L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil: Take It Slow

You know I love a good oil, so of course I couldn’t pass up trying one that was sent to me. L.A. Christine’s No. 3 berry face oil is a blend of unique super berries, including Scandinavian Lingonberry, Brazilian Acai Berry, and Raspberry, that has been used for hundred and hundreds of years. They’re known […]

Wed 02.20

Sleep ‘n Beauty Silk Pillowcase: Beauty Sleep

The tagline for Sleep ‘n Beauty’s mulberry silk pillow case is “wake up young and beautiful.” If only it were that easy. The pillowcase is infused with essential oils that your skin can soak up while you sleep. Sounds like a great idea, you think. Anything anti-aging that can be done while I’m sleeping is […]

Thu 01.31

S.W. Basics Body Oil

Oils are on the rise! Long shunned out of fear, people are finally starting to realize that oils are amazing even if you have combination or oily skin. In fact a swipe of oil across my face is exactly what I need when my skin tends towards the oily side during the summer time. The […]