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Fri 04.01

Men’s Grooming Myths Debunked

Times are changing…no longer is it uncommon for men to be as discerning when it comes to their beauty regimen as women are. In fact, my father is MORE of a Beauty Snob than my mother, and I have countless male friends who regularly pamper themselves with spa treatments, manicures, and an assortment of beauty products. There is still, however, a lot of misinformation out there…

Fri 03.25
Clarisonic Mia Fit vs. Foreo Luna

Clarisonic Mia Fit vs. Foreo Luna: The Ultimate Showdown

Clarisonic knockoffs are a dime a dozen, but none have come close to being a viable alternative to the pioneering mechanical exfoliator until the recent launch of Luna ($169). I used the Clarisonic for YEARS. Swore by it…

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Luna versus Clarisonic
Luna versus Clarisonic
Luna versus Clarisonic
Wed 03.16

Beard Bib: It’s a Thing and Every Man Needs One

I make my boyfriend watch Shark Tank with me every week. It’s my only guilty TV pleasure aside from all the Housewives shows, and I love him too much to make him sit through any of those! When I saw Beard Bib on the program, I thought what an embarrassing and useless idea. Who would use this?

Thu 02.11
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Fragrances For Your Boo

Not to sound selfish, but getting your boo a fragrance for Valentine’s Day is as fantastic a gift for you as it is for him. Scent is incredibly personal, but here are some new standouts you might want to consider sniffing out for as you look for Valentine’s Day gifts!

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Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Wed 03.18

Frugal Snob: ManCave Natural Grooming Products

My dad is the biggest Beauty Man Snob! Pretty much every guy I know rolls his eyes when he sees my beauty routine…all I hear is what a waste of money lotions and creams are…”I don’t believe in that stuff…” blah blah blah.

Thu 11.06
Tom Ford Launches Beard Oil and Comb

Tom Ford Beard Oil and Comb

Beards are having a huge moment right now (I can’t even count the number of articles like this one I’ve read in the last few weeks and a friend of mine, Spencer Chalk-Levy, has even come out with a book, based off his artwork, called Boys With Beards!).

Thu 05.16

Molton Brown Launches Men’s Sport Collection

Molton Brown launched their Men’s Sport Collection this month and I was able to preview one of their products a few weeks ago. I opted to try their Anti-Perspirant Sportstick ($22) – the collection also includes 4-in-1 Sportwash ($24) and Body-warming Sportsbalm ($26) – because I stopped using women’s deodorant more or less completely a … Continue reading Molton Brown Launches Men’s Sport Collection

Thu 04.04

Prada Luna Rossa

I was sent a sample of Luna Rossa ($62-102), the new Eau de Toilette from Prada (named after the brand’s America’s Cup Challenge team), and before I could even smell it my dad spotted it, opened it, and staked his claim to it! That’s what I get for stopping by my parents place for dinner … Continue reading Prada Luna Rossa

Wed 03.06

Aging Adventures: Skincare For The Younger Man On The Go

As a non-believer in New Year’s resolutions, I usually am a fan of smaller and more realistic goals. Apart from a goal of working out in the morning, and eating more fish, I decided it was time to update and upgrade my skin care regimen to a more mature level. My goal was to create … Continue reading Aging Adventures: Skincare For The Younger Man On The Go