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Mon 03.02
Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare: Authentic Me

Christie Brinkley makes 60 look like 40, so I’ll eat, drink, and use anything she recommends if it means I that I will come even close to looking as good as she does when I’m 60!

Tue 03.19

Clarins Sunscreen Stick: Mom-Tested, Kid-Approved

After eight sun-soaked days in Puerto Rico, I’m a certified sunscreen expert. When it comes to kids, you’ve got to spray it on their bodies as they run past you and hold them down when applying to their face. As they sweat, surf, and swim, nothing feels worse than sunscreen running into their eyes, though, […]

Thu 12.20

Shu Uemera Youthful Radiance Generator: Turn Back the Clock

I’m a sucker for anything called “youth serum,” and when it comes from my trusted brand She Uemura, I of course have to try it. The essence is made with enju flower (which means longevity in Japanese), a plant known for its persistent life force, and cell-renewing rhamnose. It smells pleasant, albeit a bit old […]

Wed 04.06

Walker’s Apothecary Chamomile Soothing Gel

The only beauty product I take with me to the gym is Murad’s Clarifying Body Spray ($37). Ladies, if you workout – get it, use it, you’ll start swearing by it! I spray it all over my back, chest, and neck immediately after getting out of any sweat-inducing class and it prevents me from getting […]

Tue 12.01

REVIEW: Time Arrest by Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt is the go to skin guru for the likes of Madonna so I decided I needed to investigate his new anti-aging skin care line, Time Arrest.  I got the V-Zone neck cream, Eye Serum and a face serum called Laser Tight a couple of weeks and have been using all three religiously ever […]

Sat 03.22

Pop Quiz- Kanebo SENSAI Giveaway!

UPDATE: Congrats to Sarah! This is Jennifer Aniston! Tell me who’s gorgeous neck and décolleté this belongs to and you will win the SENSAI Cellular Performance Throat and Bust Lifting Effect worth $110!!! I have been a big fan of Kanebo SENSAI products since I lived in Tokyo in the ’90s; founded in 1887 as […]