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Fri 11.08
Hair Apparent: Karlie Kloss’ Disheveled Bob

If there was any doubt as to how gorgeous Karlie Kloss is it was assuaged in one of my recent Barry’s Bootcamp classes. She was in my Monday morning class – I’ve never felt so short and stocky in my life! I’m also now newly obsessed with her slightly messy bob cut.

Wed 07.10
Get The Look: Jessica Biel’s Natural Highlights

I’m completely obsessed with Jessica Biel ever since I heard she was at a Barry’s Bootcamp class in the Hamptons working out alongside all the “common folks” and… Justin Timberlake. I had a few friends in the class and they all said the two were totally laid back and did nothing to draw attention to … Continue reading Get The Look: Jessica Biel’s Natural Highlights

Fri 05.10
Experts Dish: How to Fuel for an Active Lifestyle

Ideally we would all get the essential nutrients we need from food, but that isn’t always feasible. While the evidence is murky when it comes to the efficacy of supplements, if you’re at risk for falling short on some key nutrients it’s worth considering consulting a physician or registered dietitian about starting a supplement plan. … Continue reading Experts Dish: How to Fuel for an Active Lifestyle

Tue 04.23
Kneipp Arnica Intensive Cream

I got back last week from a trip to Hong Kong and Australia. I was traveling with a friend who’s a personal trainer so I figured we’d be eating healthy and working out throughout….boy was I wrong! We ate at some of the most amazing restaurants, but they were more often than not far from … Continue reading Kneipp Arnica Intensive Cream

Tue 02.19
Suiting Up For An Outdoor Workout

Nike is one of my favorite brands. I’ve been in awe of their inspirational marketing campaigns for as long as I can remember and when it comes to functional sneaker design they just can’t be beat. Better yet I recently learned that they organize a ton of free events including weekly run clubs and training … Continue reading Suiting Up For An Outdoor Workout

Mon 01.28
DeVita Natural Skin Care: Lipstick Without the Ick

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I figure if you want to do something…don’t wait…change it now! That said I couldn’t help but make a few. In 2013 I want to start running outdoors, I want to make it to a 9pm Barry’s Bootcamp class (I’m just curious to see the kind of crowd … Continue reading DeVita Natural Skin Care: Lipstick Without the Ick

Wed 01.23
Get the Look: Jennifer Lopez’s Booty

Anyone who knows me even just a little bit knows that I’m a complete Barry’s Bootcamp addict and it all started thanks to Patrick Frost. Patrick taught one of the first classes I took there and we immediately hit it off. He not only has an awesome personality, but his classes are guaranteed to give … Continue reading Get the Look: Jennifer Lopez’s Booty

Wed 11.14
Run Your Heart Out

It usually doesn’t take people very long to realize that I’m a very anxious and neurotic person. 17 hours a day odds are I’m worried/stressed -even when there’s nothing to worry about – and the other hours I’m sleeping (and even then it can be an uneven, nightmare-prone sleep….as I write this I’m completely aware … Continue reading Run Your Heart Out

Tue 11.13
Spright: Performance Cosmetics

It’s pretty rare that I wear makeup to the gym, but a huge percentage of women do so consistently. Most women I see at the gym (whether it be Barry’s Bootcamp, Pure Yoga, Equinox…), at the very least have on mascara so I’m not surprised that there’s a growing number of brands targeting active women.