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Mon 03.28
4 Spring Beauty Trends You Need to Know About

4 Spring Beauty Trends You Need to Know About

I’m sitting here eating a basket full of leftover Godiva Easter bunny chocolate wishing sugar wasn’t pure bliss and trying to block out that my boyfriend keeps reminding me that he wants me to toss my one-piece bathing suits in favor of bikinis (What can I say? Some chocolate is just worth it.). Transitioning into spring from the winter isn’t always easy! While there are countless beauty trends being hailed as “musts” for the season, I’ve rounded up four of the ones that, in my opinion, are the most versatile…

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4 Spring Beauty Trends You Need to Know About
4 Spring Beauty Trends You Need to Know About
4 Spring Beauty Trends You Need to Know About
4 Spring Beauty Trends You Need to Know About
Thu 02.11
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Fragrances For Your Boo

Not to sound selfish, but getting your boo a fragrance for Valentine’s Day is as fantastic a gift for you as it is for him. Scent is incredibly personal, but here are some new standouts you might want to consider sniffing out for as you look for Valentine’s Day gifts!

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Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Wed 11.25

ADORAtherapy: Mood-Boosting Aromatherapy Sprays

There’s nothing that will affect my mood quite the way the weather will. When it’s sunny, minor annoyances just roll off my shoulder; when it’s cold or stormy, I’m just PISSED.ALL.THE.TIME. To this day, I question how I survived four years at Cornell…though, truth be told, I didn’t go to class all that much because of my issues with the weather

Fri 07.31

Custom Fragrances: The Blend Trend

My go-to perfume is Gaye Straza’s Kai oil, but otherwise, I’ve never been able to find a gardenia blend that wasn’t sickly sweet or too musky. Well, when you can’t find what you’re looking for, you make it! At Le Labo, I was able to get a personalized fragrance that was the perfect balance of sweet and citrusy.

Wed 06.17
Creed Virgin Island Water & Jardin d'Amalfi

Creed Virgin Island Water & Jardin d’Amalfi: Worth Every Scent

I never leave the house without a spray or six of my favorite fragrance. Even if I’m running off to spin class, the gym or pilates, I douse myself and my soon-to-be dripping wet, workout outfit with one of my beloved perfumes. Somehow it makes me feel pulled together…

Tue 04.28
Get Ready to Lust

Get Ready to Lust: All the New Launches from Tom Ford

Father’s Day, Mother’s Day…or don’t wait! Beeline for Bergdorf Goodman if you can afford a small splurge because even the most jaded will have a hard time not getting excited to start playing with Tom Ford’s new launches.

Wed 04.01

Valentino’s Limited Edition Uomo Edition Noire

I’ve been eyeing a studded crossbody Valentino bag for a solid three years now. Every time I’m looking to splurge I go to the Valentino store to scope it out.

Thu 03.26
How to Find the Perfect Perfume for Your Style

How to Find the Perfect Perfume for Your Style

Jan Moran, author of the new book Scent of Triumph, is a recognized expert in the world of fragrance and perfume. She’s been featured in countless glossies…

Mon 03.16

Scentbird: The Birchbox for Scents

I’m a die-hard fan of Tom Ford’s White Suede…like next level-obsessed. I had a near anxiety attack when I was trying to re-order it and saw that it was unavailable on every major online site…