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Thu 10.10

Botanical Me: Get An Instant Energy Boost

Botanical Me is a new aromatherapy product line inspired by some of Africa’s most powerful healing plants. ME actually stands for Malaria Eradication since the brand partnered with Malaria No More, a global non-profit. Product sales directly go to help supply mosquito nets, education, and ACT Medical treatments.

Mon 04.08

Terveer Perfume Oil: Green is Good

What I love about Terveer is that they use rich natural oils that warm up better on your skin than the average spray-on perfume. The scents aren’t overly formulated – just simple, familiar, and lovely. The founders Annie and Therese Gibson are sisters who grew up on a farm in Southern Minnesota, so their Green […]

Tue 11.27

Tocca 2012 Holiday Offerings

The other week I was invited to the Tocca showroom to check out their new gift sets and holiday offerings, but I ended up being more inspired to go home and re-decorate my apartment…seriously!! Their showroom is so beyond chic! They also served some of the best small bites courtesy of Sant Ambroeus, which along […]

Thu 12.08

Paco Rabanne and Viktor & Rolf Roll-On Fragrances: Get the Ball Rolling

We are all particular when it comes to our fragrances – for me, they need to be soft and unassuming rather than overwhelming and consuming – although I think I might be more exacting than most. My biggest issue with fragrance is the simple act of spraying it on. The mist goes in my nose, […]

Fri 10.21

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Lip Gloss/Rollerball Eau de Parfum Duo: Rock and Roll It

This is genius! A lip gloss touch-up with a perfume roller on the other tip! But a word of advice for this magic wand: don’t try this in a dark bar or club – you don’t want to dab gloss behind the ears and roll perfume on your lips! Pay attention to which end is […]

Wed 07.20

MAC Seasonally Supreme, Turquatic, Prime Focus, and Opulash Optimum Black: The MAC Daddy of Beauty Releases

Attention all MAC fans– this August, MAC is unleashing a thrilling new slew of products to their permanent collection in four stages – one a week to make the slow month move a whole lot faster! Lips, skin, lashes, and scent, you’ll hit Labor Day primed, pretty, and ready. First up, Seasonally Supreme’s latest collection: […]

Wed 03.23

A Visit to the TOCCA Showroom

I wish I had brought my camera to my visit to TOCCA’s showroom last week (see some BlackBerry snaps below), because it was stunning! Located on the same block as Comme des Garcons and Balenciaga, it gave both stores a serious run for their money. Everything down to their antique, miss-matched platters and their Sant […]

Thu 08.26

Twirl by Kate Spade New York

Through all its ups and downs, I have to admire Kate Spade for maintaining an unwavering air of sheer giddy femininity. Think colored tights and sparkly heels, festive fêtes and tables for two. The same ideals of celebration are beautifully wrapped up in the brand’s new signature scent–its first major fragrance launch since 2002. As […]

Fri 01.15

Ilari Roll-on Perfume

For the last five years I’ve kept a tube of roll-on perfume from Kai in my make up bag.  Roll-on perfumes are the best, so easy to travel with and very little risk of leakage.  You can also discreetly pull them out and dab right under your nostrils (tip: dabbing roll-on perfume under your nostrils […]