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Room Fragrance
Thu 04.18

Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit: At-Home Spa

Been saving up to treat yourself to a day at the spa? Keep your money – with Essio’s aromatherapy shower kit, your bathroom becomes a personal spa! The system comes with an adjustable arm that you easily click onto your showerhead’s pipe. Then just screw on one of the aromatherapy pods, move the arm under […]

Wed 04.17

Nest White Narcisse Gift Set: Shower in Flowers

The narcissus flower is a perennial that blooms in spring, so Nest’s introduction of the new limited edition White Narcisse collection could not have come at a better time! The delicate white floral scent is a blend of French mimosa, dewy Mulger, and creamy sandalwood that’s as fresh and feminine as you could hope for. […]

Sat 04.24

Royal Apothic Fragrance

My son is very scent sensitive, one of his first spoken phrases was “mama stinky, smell pretty please” in the mornings when I’d hug him and kiss him before brushing my teeth. And you do not want to walk past a market with him in Chinatown or any place that had any kind of strong […]