Mon 07.22
Jabonería Marianella Soaps

Jabonería Marianella Soaps: All in the Family

From the rejuvenating face and body bars to the moisturizing antioxidant milk bars, every last one of Jabonería Marianella’s natural soaps smells wonderfully fragrant and feels just as divine. As a mom, I love that it’s a mother-son operation!

Wed 06.12

Hemp: Why You Should Be Eating and Wearing It

Soooo….apparently last week was Hemp History Week. Who knew? Thanks to Whole Foods for the alert! Whole Foods in fact carries a ton of hemp products – like literally, a ton – hemp milk, cereals, granola, waffles, protein powders, nutrition bars, breads, snacks, chips, pastas, flour, vegetarian burgers, and a large variety of personal care […]

Mon 04.01

Osmia Organics

I love Lush – I really do. Come the holidays I have to buy gifts for the countless random people who I see all the time, but don’t really know (think colorist, corner fruit guy, all the people who work in my building, etc…). The solution (at least when money is not an appropriate gift), […]

Tue 03.05

WAX Santa Monica: House of Wax

When it comes to waxing, especially bikini waxing, you have to go to a professional. If you try it at home and end up with a horrendous yet hilarious experience, you only have yourself to blame. But even at salons there are vastly different methods used, so I suggest going somewhere that specializes in waxing, […]

Thu 02.28

L’Occitane Women’s Day Soap

Priced at just $8 L’Occitane has just released their limited edition Women’s Day Soaps, which are produced in Burkina Faso as part of a co-development partnership with a local factory. The factory has been run entirely by women since 2010 to support their economic emancipation. All profits from this soap go to support L’Occitane’s Foundation […]

Mon 12.24

Shiseido Limited Edition Honey Cake

Act quick! After this week is up you won’t be able to get Shiseido’s Honey Cakes Soap ($8.50) anymore! I just tried the pink one (shame on me for waiting this long…), and it smells amazing, while also moisturizing skin. I still prefer liquid hand soap in the shower, but this is perfect to keep […]

Tue 11.27

June Jacobs Spa Collection: DIY Spa

High-end hotels started carrying the June Jacobs Spa Collection a few years ago – but rather than waiting for luxury to find you, why not make your own? Now that snow has started falling for some of you, I recommend a nice warm spa day – at home! Just pick up a few of these […]

Tue 11.06

Aptiva Natural Soaps

Apivita has been around since the 70s so I’m scolding myself that it wasn’t until very recently that I found out about the line. What caught my attention was that their extensive range is based on the honey bee (love honey!! Eating it and applying it topically…). The brand’s soaps were the first to be […]

Fri 11.02

Marianella Soap: Taking the Good Without the Bad

More and more of our close friends are being diagnosed with cancer, and it makes me wonder – is it all of the products we’re putting on ourselves? Maybe we need just to go back to the basics. A simple bar of soap. Not just any ordinary one, though! Natural soap, like that masterfully and […]