Couture Snob
Fri 07.18

Spotted: Overalls All Over Town

I told you they were coming…and here they are…cut to your liking. All the different lengths and colors a girl could dream of. I have to admit, I want to hate this look, but part of me can’t tear away from these carefully put-together “carefree” looks. I mean, they are easy to throw on and go run errands in, and they are insanely comfortable as long as you don’t go for the Daisy Duke version.

Fri 07.18

Summer Whites: Get Them While You Still Can

Summer’s in full-force. It’s time to stay cool and look hot with summer whites.

Wed 07.16
Top 5 Maxi Dresses

Top 5 Maxi Dresses: Dressing to the Max

This week I’m beachside for my sister’s wedding, and I packed maxi dresses for every occasion – the rehearsal dinner, brunch the morning after…even my maid of honor dress is a maxi!

Tue 07.15
Trend Report

Trend Report: Men’s Fashion Month Spring/Summer 2015

This season, the dates of the London shows were moved up to avoid coinciding with Pitti Uomo. Translation: the guys have now have their own MONTH. And why not? I think it’s time we start taking menswear a little more seriously.

Thu 07.10
Roland Mouret Australian Merino Wool Collection

Roland Mouret Australian Merino Wool Collection: We’re Going Down Under!

To model his new Australian Merino wool collection, Roland Mouret selected a true Aussie – my dear friend Nicole Warne (aka Gary Pepper Girl)!

Wed 07.09
Balmain Resort 1

Balmain Resort 2015 Collection: Goin’ Back to Cali

If there were ever a collection that seemed to be curated entirely for me, this is it. Narcissism aside, my deep affinity for Balmain stems not only from the brilliant interpretations Olivier Rousteing produces each season, but from the artisanal craft coming forth from each and every, single piece.

Thu 07.03
Top 5 White Jumpsuits

Top 5 White Jumpsuits: The Summer Set

A clean white jumpsuit is #1 on my summer wardrobe wish list. We don’t see them around as often as I’d like, but I believe it’s a staple all women should have.

Thu 07.03

FlipBelt: On the Flip Side

Once I got the FlipBelt, I had no idea how I ever lived without it. There never seem to be pockets in your workout clothes, whether you’re a runner, biker, climber, or avid dog walker. It’s hot, so you’re not going to wear a jacket, and you don’t want to carry a backpack just for keys and a phone. The FlipBelt is the perfect solution (and surprisingly simple – why didn’t I think of this??).

Tue 07.01
Frank & Eileen

Frank & Eileen: Made in the USA

You probably already have plans this weekend that involve friends, fireworks, and a lot of delicious food. Though that’s certainly a great way to celebrate July 4th, how about adding on to that? By shopping! Yes, there really are few things more American than that, however, I’m talking about socially conscious shopping – supporting a clothing line that builds up our economy and provides jobs for Americans.