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Mon 07.20

Olivia Palermo’s Stripes on Stripes: Jump in the Lines

Pairing stripes with more stripes is an endeavor that not every Snob could pull off, but this is Olivia Palermo, front row fixture extraordinaire, and it’s not her first time dressing outside the lines – or in this case, in them. Personally, I love the look, even with mismatched stripes.

Fri 07.17
Street Style Trend Alert

Street Style Trend Alert: Denim at Haute Couture Fall ‘15

While haute couture Fall ’15 may have brought us high-rolling celebrities at Chanel, elaborate Elie Saab embroidery, and Fendi’s “haute fourrure,” the show attendees (or at least the street style set roaming nearby) were considerably more dressed-down.

Tue 07.14
Moschino Toys Embellished Heavy Wool Knit Dress

Moschino Toys Embellished Heavy Wool Knit Dress: I Can’t Bear It

I often get ridiculed by my husband for the fashion trends I adore. I find myself defending the principles of fashion, like they’re First Amendment rights. But here, thanks to a single frivolous piece of clothing, my entire case crumbles…

Mon 07.13
Derek Lam Cuffed Gaucho Pant

Derek Lam Cuffed Gaucho Pant: Off the Cuff

The skinny jean has long reigned as the chic silhouette of choice, but lately we’ve seen everything from flared to culotte to pegged to harem pants! I’m not saying skinnies are going anywhere anytime soon…I’m just saying you should consider something a little roomier for summer.

Thu 07.09

Uniqlo x Lemaire: The Democratization of Fashion

Talk about democratizing fashion! We discuss this whenever a new H&M or Target collab is announced, but Uniqlo just might have trumped them all. In October, the Japanese retailer will release a collection crafted with none other than former Hermès Creative Director Christophe Lemaire…

Wed 07.08
CARA DELEVINGNE 2 - London - 6.24.2015

Trend Alert: Harem Pants

Yesterday, I talked about the revival of vibrantly-patterned, pegged pants. Well, with the good comes the…not so good. Yes, harem pants also seem to be having a moment. It’s a trend that just won’t seem to go away.

Tue 07.07

Top 5 Pegged Pants You Need Now: Show Some Leg

The ‘80s were defined by a few very distinctive things: fanny packs (which have since come back in style), mullets (which will never be in style), and wildly-patterned, pegged pants. These are not to be confused with harem or “Hammertime” pants, though…

Fri 07.03
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Standing-Only Swimsuits

A new trend has been building over the last few years – swimsuits that you can’t swim in. I like to call them standing-only swimsuits. They’re for the peacocks out there like Demi Lovato. I don’t really know what to say about her outfit. Even standing in it seems like a precarious situation.

Thu 06.25

Best Culottes Under $50: Calm, Cool, and Culotted

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I dabble in culotte evangelism, and while my hubby has yet to appreciate the shaggy chic style, there’s no denying that these artfully tailored pants are trending.