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Fri 07.03
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Standing-Only Swimsuits

A new trend has been building over the last few years – swimsuits that you can’t swim in. I like to call them standing-only swimsuits. They’re for the peacocks out there like Demi Lovato. I don’t really know what to say about her outfit. Even standing in it seems like a precarious situation.

Thu 06.25

Best Culottes Under $50: Calm, Cool, and Culotted

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I dabble in culotte evangelism, and while my hubby has yet to appreciate the shaggy chic style, there’s no denying that these artfully tailored pants are trending.

Wed 06.24
Styles of Tops You Must Have to Make Your Wardrobe Work

4 Tops You Must Have to Make Your Wardrobe Work: Top Gear

Not sure which tops to pair with your summer skirts or skinnies? Here are the silhouettes you need…

Wed 06.24
Hermès Scarf

Hermès Scarf: Knotting Tips and Tricks

There is nothing more effortless than an Hermès scarf worn every which way. French women have it down. They toss it, knot it, twist it, and voilà — instant “Je ne sais quoi chic-ness.” But don’t fret! You, too, can achieve this look easily! Just follow these simple instructions for my favorite styles.

Tue 06.23

Top 30 Cocktail Dresses for the Breezy Summer Season: Say Yes to the Dress

Say what men will about how beautiful their girlfriends are in sweats and no makeup (and don’t get me wrong – they are), but there’s just nothing quite like a cocktail dress to make me feel pretty and feminine. It’s about the ritual, really…

Fri 06.19

Trend Alert: Dropped Waist Plaid Dresses

Emma Roberts loves Elkin. She’s modeled for Kara and Brit Smith’s LA-based brand, and is often seen wearing their easy pieces while out running errands. What I love about their Spring ’15 silk number is its nod to the current trend of dropped waist plaid minis.

Thu 06.18
Kendall Jenner x Black Orchid Noah Patchwork Skinny

Kendall Jenner x Black Orchid Noah Patchwork Skinny: Sour Patches

I love denim on denim. There’s a fine line between being chic and being out of touch, though, and throwing patches into the mix only makes it harder to achieve the former. Fortunately for Kendall, she can wear anything and still look like the supermodel she is…

Tue 06.16

Cara Delevingne Coordinates: Crop Top to Bottom

If you think it’s hard choosing an outfit in the morning, imagine if you were photographed all day, every day, oftentimes on paparazzi-filled red carpets. The whole process of getting dressed becomes infinitely easier when the bulk of the coordinating is done by designers…

Wed 06.10
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Denim Overalls

The jean overalls of your youth have received a grown-up update this year, and the easy-to-style look is spreading like wildfire. From leggy models to petite Snobs like myself, this is a trend that – surprisingly enough – everyone can pull off.