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Agent Provacateur
Wed 05.22

Bikinis that Look like Lingerie: Snob or Slob?

Katy Perry was the center of attention on her Caribbean vacation, and in that bikini it’s no wonder why. This begs the question – do lingerie-style swimsuits fall into the Snob or Slob category? Padded underwire tops like Tory Burch’s Eden (on Shopbop for $150) imitate the push-up, bustier look achieved by bras with equally […]

Thu 11.17

Top 5 Good-Time Tights: Black is the New Bold

Who ever said black is boring? At least, not when it comes to tights. When the colder temperatures demand you cover your legs, variety is the spice of life. Colorful tights can look childlike in a flash, especially when you’re doing cocktail attire. The best evening tights demand glamorous sophistication and still say, let’s party! […]

Thu 10.27

Top 5 Gloves: Hands Down Winter Winners

With the dips in temperature come the cold-weather accessories. Why choose to look at them like the practical necessities they are? We all have a pair of black leather gloves (or two or three) in our closet, but this season, live it up and don a pair with unique style! Whether you encase your hands […]

Thu 06.09

Summer-Perfect Lingerie: Fun Out of the Sun

Let’s not get too distracted by the wet ‘n’ wild fun of swimsuits! Summer’s lingerie can be just as delightful, if not more so (and way less damaging on the skin) – sometimes secrets are more satisfying than the things we wear that get flaunted regularly. Lightweight, gauzy, or just kittenishly playful, now is the […]

Fri 04.16

Agent Provocateur Swimwear 2010

Call me Madonna but I’m obsessed with Agent Provocateur, I saw the complete line (insanely hot!) at People’s Revolution press office and wanted to run off with all the racks!  For Summer 2010 the brand presents a bold swimwear collection in punchy tones and figure flattering styles.  Zahra (above right) is one of Agent Provocateur’s […]