Alexander McQueen
Fri 01.03
Top 5 Ethno-Chic Bags

Top 5 Ethno-Chic Bags: Foreign Exchange

Ethnic, tribal, exotic, folkloric: whatever you call it, far-off flair is a recurring theme as designers plunge into Resort and look forward to Spring. While some bags lean towards kitschy and over-the-top, when done right, they exude a well-balanced vibe I think of as ethno-chic.

Mon 12.30
Cosmetics Bags that Pull Double Duty

Cosmetics Bags that Pull Double Duty

A cosmetics bag that can pull double duty as clutch is not only handy, but economical. While these may look like pouches and wristlets, they’re priced as cosmetics cases, a confusing yet very exciting realization. It’s a trick designers are playing with us. I’m here to help you game the system, though, and work on a New Year’s resolution – to be a better Frugal Snob for 2014!

Fri 12.20
Silk Scarves

Silk Scarves: Holiday Wrapping

My grandmother collected silk scarves, and rarely let me out of the house without one tied around my neck (which I would promptly remove and shove in my bag as soon as I was out of her sight). The older I get, however, the more I appreciate them. They truly are like art.

Wed 12.18
Top Winter Wonderland Clutches

Top Winter Wonderland Clutches: Karlie Kloss Shows Us the Great White Way

It’s hard to commit to a white daily bag. We worry they’ll get dirty (because they inevitably do). Is a big white bag hard to carry off in the winter? Even if it’s as pure as the driven snow, the answer is yes!

Tue 12.17
Alexander McQueen Tassel Skull, Sphere Skull, and Hexagon Clutches

Alexander McQueen Tassel Skull, Sphere Skull, and Hexagon Clutches: The McQueen of the Damned

I’m not ready to give up my knuckle-dusters just yet (nor will I ever be!). But new Alexander McQueen styles are always more than welcome in my bag closet. Especially those from the Spring 2014 collection.

Tue 12.17

NET-A-PORTER Sale: Now Up to 70% Off!

NET-A-PORTER has just launched further reductions up to 70% off and added new designers to its end of season sale!

Fri 12.13
Extra 20% Off Bergdorf Goodman Sale

Extra 20% Off Bergdorf Goodman Sale: Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

We all love a sale. But a sale on top of a sale? Now that’s even better!

Fri 12.06
The 2013 Snob Holiday Gift Guide

The 2013 Snob Holiday Gift Guide

Tina and I have rounded up this year’s best holiday gifts!

Fri 12.06
Top 5 Black and Gold Bags

Top 5 Black and Gold Bags: A Combo for the Ages

It’s funny how your eye (and taste) changes with age and time. As it goes with foods (just try giving an eight-year-old me foie gras or caviar!), our penchant for certain visual combinations evolves and changes with the years. I remember back when I thought black and gold was too mature for me. How far I’ve come!