Alexander McQueen
Mon 03.10
Tricked-Out Clutches

Top 5 Tricked-Out Clutches: Embellish Your Evenings

It feels great to strike out at night with a flashy clutch; it’s that extra sparkle (literally and figuratively) that makes you feel special – and like a special night is in store. But make sure your awe-inspiring accessory is tasteful.

Wed 03.05

Paris Fashion Week 2014 Beauty Recap

Here’s a peek at some of the most unforgettable beauty looks that made their way onto Paris’ runways.

Wed 02.19
Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign Featuring Kate Moss

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign Featuring Kate Moss: The Ultimate Heroine

At 40 years old, Kate Moss still is the world’s reigning queen of style for me. Forget pubescent girls, of-the-moment amateurs, and so-called street style stars…What exactly does that term mean, anyway? Getting dressed up just to roam the streets during Fashion Week with no purpose other than the hope of getting your photo snapped?!

Thu 02.13
Fall 2014 Trend

Fall 2014 Trend: Fur Bags

We’re never surprised to see fur grace the Fall runways, but the number of fur bags this season is off the charts. From Donna Karan’s shaggy style (her 30th anniversary collection was all about movement) to DVF’s trim shoulder bags, black seemed to be the shade of choice, with Vera Wang also throwing her noir beaver shopping bag into the ring.

Mon 02.10

Celebrity Roundup: Whose Bag is the Fairest of Them All?

Another week, another set of celebrity bags! Let us know whose is your favorite in the poll…

Wed 01.29
Crystal Heft

Crystal Heft: Boldly Embellished Shoes

Spring is the time to come out of your shell (or more likely, your cocoon of coats), leaving your shyness behind, and there is nothing shy about these crystal-encrusted shoes. Certainly nothing comfortable either, but the girl who wears these couldn’t care less about that. They’re hefty in weight and in price.

Wed 01.29

Gucci Denim Tote and Alexander McQueen Skull Box Clutch: Snob or Slob?

So how do we feel about denim bags? I love a great pair of jeans or a tailored denim shirt, but my appreciation for America’s most quintessential item of clothing has never successfully translated to bags.

Wed 01.22
Web Snob January 24, 2014

McQ Alexander McQueen Detachable Pocket Clutch: Functions of Desire

This is one of those uniquely subtle bags that could be the work of a new and still-unknown designer – or the creation of one of your favorite design house’s chic little sister. Don’t let the good looks of McQ Alexander McQueen’s black leather clutch fool you: this one’s all about function (but obviously not without style and edge).

Tue 01.21
Zipper Embellishments

Zipper Embellishments: Zip It

Between all of the massive coats and boots we wear to stay warm, it’s clear that winter is the season of zippers. And while there’s definitely nothing fun about shimmying in and out of these oversized pieces everyday, I’ve found a few zipper embellishments that will revive your appreciation for the edgy sense of style that one (or 10!) of them can add to an outfit.