Alexander Wang
Mon 09.08
Alexander Wang Spring 2015 Collection

Alexander Wang Spring 2015 Collection: Future Starts Now

Sporty, sexy, cool: Alexander Wang for Spring 2015 is the Alex I initially fell in love with years ago. While I adore the bundled, androgynous look that comes with Fall, I have trouble fitting the heavy leathers, chunky knits, and menswear-inspired styles on my petite frame.

Fri 09.05
Alexander Wang Leather Belt Bag

Alexander Wang Leather Belt Bag: Hands Off the Merchandise

It seems like the belt bag keeps trying to make a comeback. Actually, it seems like it’s been trying to make a proper renaissance for ages, but it still has yet to gain any legitimate traction. I want the belt bag to be back in full swing because what could be better when you truly need a hands-free day?

Wed 07.23
Alexander Wang Runway Survival Kit Belt Bag

Alexander Wang Runway Survival Kit Belt Bag: Tools of the Trade

The theme of Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014 collection is something to the effect of “cool urban survivalist,” so it’s no surprise one of the first bags to be released is the Survival Kit belt bag.

Mon 07.21
Bags for Your Body Type

Bags for Your Body Type: The Art of the Complement

Contrary to what we might hope, bags are not always “one size fits all.” Skinny, young things may be able to get away carrying just about anything, but my well-endowed girlfriends have trouble finding even a simple crossbody. While you can certainly buy any bag out there, the truth is that different bags flatter different body types. See which will work best for you!

Wed 07.02
Center Paneled Bags

Center Paneled Bags: A Little Something Extra

A center panel of contrasting color (or texture!) can take a bag from basic to the big leagues with the simplest of juxtapositions…

Tue 05.20
Shopbop Sale

Shopbop Sale: Memorial Day Gold Mine

Have you picked out a cute outfit for that Memorial Day barbeque? I’m kicking myself over how many options I bought in the Shopbop sale. With hundreds of items up to 70% off, though, now is the time to splurge.

Wed 05.07
Alexander Wang Drawstring Glove Deerskin Gym Sack

Alexander Wang Drawstring Glove Deerskin Gym Sack: You Just Got Played

This one requires me to start with a disclaimer: the only reason this number isn’t a “rag bag” is because the ultimate Gym Snob who uses this strictly to carry her spare trainers and a fresh T-shirt could do this backpack justice. Napa deerskin is butter-soft and tactile, but let’s be real: 700 bucks for a glorified drawstring sack?

Thu 05.01
Top 5 Squared-Off Clutches

Top 5 Squared-Off Clutches: Shape Up or Ship Out

Haven’t you heard? It’s hip to be square. It all started with two young women who have an innate knack for knowing what’s cool; I have to give props to The Row for spearheading this trend. When the Olsen duo launched their bags with their new now-iconic shape, I was instantly smitten.

Tue 04.15
Alexander Wang x H&M

Web Snob April 15, 2014

This Tuesday calls for an exciting new H&M collaboration, Leonardo DiCaprio dancing his heart out, a Coachella style roundup, and a handy guide for the single Snobs in the Big Apple.