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Bottega Veneta
Mon 03.26

Bottega Veneta Cuir Sandal: The Cuir for Boredom

This is the most colorful shoe collection from Bottega Veneta I’ve seen so far! Not only are each of the Cuir sandal’s three renditions brimming with juicy color, this shoe bursts with lighthearted, good-time spirit. Vivid shades and a lacquered wedge bring a playful twist to this classic platform shape. The brand was obviously intending […]

Wed 03.21

Beyoncé in Victoria Beckham: Oh, Baby!

Wait a minute: Didn’t she just have a baby? Why does Beyoncé look even better now than she did pre-pregnancy?! It must be the joys of newfound motherhood: the singer is positively radiant. Decked in her new trademark color (right down to the fingertips), she proves Victoria Beckham’s figure-hugging dresses look good on literally every […]

Tue 02.28

Bottega Veneta Denim and Leather Sandals: Quality Control

These shoes are a combination of denim, leather, and wood, but more than anything, they are HOT. When it comes to shoes and bags, denim is a tricky material. It can get super-cheesy very quickly (the wrong wash, sloppy stitching, and the risk of looking like you outfitted your accessories in a jean suit all […]

Wed 01.04

Top 5 New Prints: Spring Has Sprung

…I wish! But the shoes that get us inspired for the season certainly have, and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? An array of refreshing new prints have emerged, from New Age-artistic to exotic-gone-soft to down-home floral to city-made ikat and back to classic leopard. Which print gets your heart pumping for greener pastures? […]

Fri 12.09

Top 5 Mini-Heels: Low Heels, High Style

Think low heels and the Manolos favored by Anna Wintour comes to mind.  But what I’m talking about are cute, cool, modern low heels that are not a compromise for comfort. With inventive flavor and the right silhouette, you won’t even miss the extra height. You can still achieve a dressy look and after being […]

Wed 11.30

Top 5 On-Sale Furs: Are You Fur-Real?!

I just love it that furs are on sale now right as it’s getting cold! It used to be you had to wait until February to snag some cozy outer layers for cool bargains and by then, what’s the fun? It’s already onward and upward to spring. But now the timing is right on. Be […]

Thu 11.17

Bottega Veneta Architectural Leather Slingback Wedge Sandals: Hell Bent for Leather

If it’s starting to sound like I feel Bottega Veneta can do no wrong, then it’s probably because I do! More like I’ll believe it when I see it. For example, these curvaceous wedges prove that Bottega can strip down their famously sought-after weave to a simple layered texture and still bring leather to breathtaking […]

Fri 10.28

Style Snob: Leave Them In a Holidaze

Holiday dressing is like no other form of decking yourself out. It’s a time to go all out and show off your spirit (when it comes to both fashion and the festivities). Matchy-matchy is usually a big no-no, but if you find the absolutely perfect cocktail of couture and accessories, the holiday party is the […]

Tue 10.04

Bottega Veneta Python Wedge Sandals: Back That Heel Up

Sandals have gotten so strapped out, over-buckled, and pumped up over the last few years that it’s easy to forget how good negative space can look. Sleek and ladylike describe these pared-down python wedges by Bottega Veneta. The delicately placed straps and slender wedge accentuate the foot in a refined, elegant way. Admittedly, you have […]