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Manolo Blahnik
Wed 03.16
Customizable Fashion

Fashion Custom Made for You: The Best in Bespoke

The idea of buying couture seems like something that exists in a fantasy world for most, but now there are many options allowing you to get that personalized experience of having fashion made just for you. With all the off-the-shelf choices out there, there doesn’t seem to be much that’s truly special anymore. Besides, sometimes it’s not about exclusivity as much as it is necessity: Finding shoes that fit perfectly isn’t possible for some, and as for jeans? We all know the pains of finding a pair of jeans that fits like a glove. These customizable options allow you to get one-of-a-kind treatment – and they’re so much more affordable than you’d think…

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The Best in Customized Fashion
The Best in Customized Fashion
The Best in Customized Fashion
Tue 03.08
Manolo Blahnik x Rihanna Denim Desserts Collection

Manolo Blahnik x Rihanna Denim Desserts Collection: Save Room for Dessert

Every now and then, a collaboration that sounds almost too good to be true comes around. So goes the news of the union between possibly the most classic shoe designer of all time and the most stylish (and rebellious) pop star of our time: Manolo Blahnik x Rihanna. Their Denim Desserts collection consists of six styles featuring artisan-stitched embroidery inspired by Rihanna’s henna hand tattoos, as well as sequins and, of course, plenty of sex appeal.

Tue 12.29
What You Didn’t Get for Christmas

What You Didn’t Get for Christmas: Top Bags and Shoes for a Redo

Nobody over the age of 12 gets everything they want for Christmas, right? Well, the best part of this time of year is the fact that everything is on sale – so we can go get what we want for ourselves! It’s almost a crime against the season to pass up on these crazy steals. At least you can tell yourself that, in case you’re in need of something rationalizing. Here is my list of the best bargains right now on things I’ve been wanting all year long…

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What You Didn’t Get for Christmas
What You Didn’t Get for Christmas
What You Didn’t Get for Christmas
What You Didn’t Get for Christmas
Fri 08.07

Top 10 Black Tie Shoes: Bow Down to the Bow

I’ve always said that ankle straps are like seat belts for your feet (and we could certainly use those – safety first!), but with these shoes, designers are taking that functional feature and tying it up in a pretty bow.

Fri 07.31

Top 5 Chic, Comfortable Shoes: Body and Sole

Last week I covered artistic heels that have zero regard to comfort. Well, it’s Friday now, and I’m past the point in the week when I’m going out of my way to impress people! It’s time to find the best of both worlds.

Tue 03.24
Breezy Black Pumps You Must Have for Spring

Breezy Black Pumps You Must Have for Spring

Ahh springtime is officially here! Pastels are in full bloom in our closets, but no matter how enthusiastic we are to show our appreciation for the warmer-weather months, there are just some outfits that demand less candy coating and more neutrality.

Fri 11.07

Grayed out Celebrity Chic

Sometimes, less is more. On the subject of color, this can be true, especially this time of year when everything is being toned down from the brights of summer. Fall/winter is the perfect time to go all in with a simple shade to pack a coordinated punch from head to toe.

Tue 09.30
Feather Shoes

Feather Shoes: Tickled by Feathers

When you think of feathers and shoes, you think of boudoir house slippers like these frilly Sophia Webster mules. There are so many more options than those, though. Feathers had a big showing at couture (most memorably at Chanel) so you can expect the trend to trickle down.

Tue 07.22
Top 5 D’Orsay Pumps

Top 5 D’Orsay Pumps: A Woman’s Right to Shoes

Few shoes are sexier than the d’Orsay pump…