Stella McCartney
Fri 04.18
Nha Khanh Carressa Dress

Nha Khanh Carressa Dress: Age-Appropriate Midriffing

If I have to look at one more photo from Coachella, I’m going to lose my lunch – and the festival’s second weekend has only just begun. But I do have to credit them with heightening my crop top obsession, which admittedly was already pretty serious. Since the look is hard to pull off at any age, you have to proceed with caution.

Thu 03.06
Trend Report

Trend Report: Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 Shoes

Which is your favorite shoe trend from Paris Fashion Week?

Tue 02.25

Top 5 Perfect Polka Dot Bags: Crazy, Spotty, Cool

Right now, it’s all about polka dots on everything from sundresses to stilettos, but you know I have a special place in my heart and closet for bags. A smattering of spots can serve a real purpose. Take a boring, serious bag and add the right kind of dots – whether magnified, hardware-decked, perforated, or perfectly wacky – and bam! Suddenly you’ve got something cheerful and delightful for summer.

Mon 02.17
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Everything’s Coming Up Roses…

…well, florals at least! Spring is here and with that always blossoms a royal garden’s worth of prints and appliqués. This season’s are some of the best yet from Givenchy’s dark, romantic roses to Kotur’s girly, pink petals. Yes, right now it is okay and even desirable to wear your mother’s sheets. When done right, the look isn’t old lady-ish in the least.

Mon 01.27
Top 5 Sweatshirts

Top 5 Sweatshirts: Sweating It

Rejoice! It’s the era of the sweatshirt, and I’m all about comfort couture so this is a trend I’m jumping on. First the Birkenstock and now sweats. Schlepping has never been so chic! Seriously, when are pajamas going to be acceptable to wear out? Oh yeah, that already happened.

Fri 01.24
Stella McCartney Khaki Camo-Print Chain-Trim Rucksack

Stella McCartney Camo-Print Chain-Trim Rucksack: Made to Fade

Camouflage bags are a tricky business. The inherent irony about them is camo print was invented to blend in, but it doesn’t outside of the forest. And no, the urban jungle does not count. Actually, it’s a pattern that’s tough to wear if you’re not basically monochrome and free of other prints.

Thu 01.23
Stella McCartney Falabella Crossbody

Stella McCartney Falabella Crossbody: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I’m all for an embellished bag. In fact, I welcome the add-ons and fixings. And I love nothing more than little princess toys for my young nieces and goddaughters. But do I want them bedazzled all over my clutch? No, thank you.

Mon 01.13

Golden Globes 2014: Snob Fashion Awards, Part 2

Read Snob Fashion Awards, Part 1 PAULA PATTON, BEST EMBELLISHED DRESS I love this Stephane Rolland Couture even though everyone was doing the Tina Fey, “What the WHAT?”. She looks like an angel so she is able to turn this overly embellished gown in to an ethereal cloud. I’m just happy the fashion was daring […]

Mon 01.06
Stella McCartney Beckett Hobo

Stella McCartney Beckett Hobo: Red Means Stop…and Stare

We may have questioned the originality of Stella McCartney’s Beckett bag, but the Beckett hobo? It’s in a league all its own! This comes down to the Brit designer’s incomparable use of faux leather. A great hobo is hard to find. A vegan one? Even harder.