Tue 04.08
Top 5 Cloudy Bags

Top 5 Cloudy Bags: Pale Gray is the New Dark Gray

Whether you’re going totally casual or out for a luxurious evening, pale gray is color to be in right now – and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The right shade of gray is always chic and exact. There is such a sense of polish and clarity in wearing steely gray, especially when you do it with utmost confidence. For the warmer months, you ought to consider it your ultimate neutral.

Fri 03.28
Athletic Stripes

Athletic Stripes: The Pick-Up Lines

With the weather finally warming up just the tiniest bit, some us of may be getting back in touch with our sporty sides. Why not show that off in our wardrobes, too? Athletic stripes add a sense of sports club chic to bags from every price point, whether it be an already sleek clutch or an oversized tote.

Mon 03.03
Salvatore Ferragamo Viola Black Croc Fold-Over Tote

Salvatore Ferragamo Viola Black Croc Fold-Over Tote: Worth the Wait

Excuse me! When did Ferragamo get this good? Actually, forget good. It really doesn’t get much better than this, as far as I’m concerned.

Mon 10.07
Top 5 Fall Furs

Top 5 Fall Furs: The Warm-Up

It’s finally the time of year when I can pull out my furs and luxuriate in pure decadence! Try as I might to incorporate a little into my spring and summer wardrobe, it’s just not the same. Fur is tricky and can go wrong so easily (and when it does, it’s such a waste of precious material).

Tue 08.27
Cate Blanchett x Tod’s Sella Bag

Cate Blanchett x Tod’s Sella Bag: Saddle Up

My love affair with Tod’s bags dates back to college. Why the lifelong obsession, you ask? I learned at a very young age that the beauty of a Tod’s bag is in its deceptive simplicity and that a girl needs that one chic bag she can take literally everywhere and wear with anything to be well-dressed.

Wed 04.03

Tod’s for Ferrari Loafers: Earn Your Racing Stripes

My Tod’s driving moccasins are wardrobe essentials, but as comfy and classic as loafers are, they can start to look pretty boring after a while. Tod’s knows this, which is why they’re starting to do more and more collaborations with companies like Ferrari. While I’m not a big sports car fan (I drive an SUV, […]

Wed 02.27

Top 5 Textured-Leather Bags: Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Texturized, crackled, and aged leather is all the rage. It’s true – you can actually pay extra for the distressing to make your new bag look well-worn, which is a look that I love. My friend once told me that in the ‘80s, her mother would stomp her new Birkins in the grass to make […]

Mon 12.03

Carl’s Crush Gift Guide: It’s a Man Snob’s World

The ultimate Man Snob Michael Carl (that’s Carl’s Crush to you) just posted his gift guide on Vanity Fair’s website today and not a moment too soon! Men are notoriously hard to shop for, so here are some of the fashion market director’s chicest suggestions. Donate your guy’s tired old nylon duffel bag and treat […]

Tue 11.27

Top 5 Flat Closed Toe Shoes: The Comfort is Secondary

Fashion can sometimes take a backseat in cold weather. Convenience becomes more of a luxury than style. In LA I love to slip on sandals, but even here it does get chilly and flip-flops make you look a little silly in the winter (even if the sun is shining!). It’s hard to find fun closed […]