Vivienne Westwood
Thu 03.26
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Shawl Collar Jackets

If there’s one item that never goes out of style, it’s the blazer. There are many different kinds to choose from, though, and the trendiest at the moment is one with a sleek shawl collar.

Tue 01.20
A Man's Man in Milan

A Man’s Man in Milan

This season, menswear in Milan is both accessible and extraordinarily masculine with deep, rich colors that convey elegance and sartorial range.

Thu 09.11
Top 5 Checks

Top 5 Checks: Get Checked

Check marks the spot! It’s crazy what a few finely placed lines can do to your wardrobe. This is minimalist design with maximum effect, and a timeless one at that. The print on that black and white Balenciaga? It was inspired by one of Cristóbal’s archival prints.

Fri 02.07

Celeb Style: Slouch Boots

Slouch boots are a great way to stay warm and trendy in the last months of winter, yet can be worn all the way into summer.

Tue 11.05
Top 5 Holiday-Worthy Pouches

Top 5 Holiday-Worthy Pouches: Powerful Pouches

Forget the clutch for now. It’s the pouch that’s the real fashion-editor favorite of the moment. Why, you ask? Pouches are easy to grab, more low-key than their structured counterparts, and instantly make you look like an insider. And don’t think they’re meant to be reserved just for day (while they do make for perfect street-style photographer fodder).

Fri 09.27
Andrea Incontri Medium Leather Bag

Andrea Incontri Medium Leather Bag: Split Decision

I have mixed feelings about this hobo. I love the fact that Andrea Incontri smartly designed it with two accomodating outer pockets because, as we all know, hobos are prone to swallow things up, leaving us to fumble in desperation for our essentials. But then there’s a host of things I would do differently.

Thu 08.22
Mixing It Up with the LBD

Mixing It Up with the LBD: Agents of Change

Every woman needs an LBD (or you know, ten!). They’re sexy and essentially foolproof. But being foolproof also means that sometimes these dresses err on the side of basic. We don’t all want to be wearing the same thing! Add a little sparkle, ruffle, or print, and suddenly the LBD becomes a statement maker. Which one of these is your statement?

Wed 11.21

Top 5 Military Coats: Bearing Arms

Get ready to battle the winter weather! Make your uniform army strong with a military-style coat. Sleek, structured sleeves decorated in brass buttons will command all eyes on you, while warm wool keeps the cold at bay. This smart style looks cute over a flouncy mini skirt or can add a dash of elegance to […]

Thu 04.05

Top 5 Tops That Pop: You Complete Me

If you have a closet full of tops that not only complete an outfit but actually are the outfit, then your time in the morning is probably spent worrying about what kind of hair day you’re going to have, not on stressful wardrobe quandaries. With tops likes these, you can wear a pair of jeans […]