Fri 08.15
The Leather Jacket

The Leather Jacket: Subject to Change

You probably already have a black leather jacket that you love and wear to death. It’s a basic worth investing in that you’ll have for the rest of your life, a piece you can throw on with just about anything! With fall soon upon us, though, I’m looking for something a little different – a leather jacket with unexpected flair.

Tue 08.05
5 Reasons An Oversized Neutral Blazer Is Your New Best Friend

5 Reasons An Oversized Neutral Blazer Is Your New Best Friend

As as a college student on a budget, I am constantly debating which items are worth the high designer price, and which I’m better off getting a cheaper imitation of. This fall, I plan on splurging for a neutral blazer. It will need to be a high quality piece for how often I’m going to wear it! Neutral blazers are unique in that you can wear one in almost any situation and never looked over or underdressed.

Fri 08.01
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Kimonos

There’s currently a battle being waged over the AC in my house. To keep everyone happy, I just shut my mouth and throw on a kimono. One look at these lightweight cover-ups, though, and your first thought probably isn’t function. They’re just so pretty! In lace, florals, and fringe, kimonos are the picture of femininity.

Tue 07.29
Quick Fix Essentials

Quick Fix Essentials: Schleppy to Sexy in Two Minutes

Ever find yourself needing to go from schleppy to dressy with only a couple of minutes to spare? Been there, done that!

Mon 06.16
Top 5 Floral Blazers

Top 5 Floral Blazers: In Full Bloom

So many offices are painted in bleak shades of white, tan, and black. The place could at least use a nice floral arrangement. Why not make that you? Leave the boardroom blazer at home and opt for something a little more exciting.

Tue 05.20
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: White Lace

I recently found a photo of myself from the 10th grade prom. I could barely remember my date’s name, but that white lace dress? Unforgettable! It was a youthful, fresh look that’s perfect for summer – and not just for brides or prom-goers.

Wed 04.30

Lululemon Designs Clothes That Take You From the Gym to the Bar

Lululemon has really up’d their fashion game. They have a launched a bunch of new items that would look just as appropriate at the gym as they would for a casual night out or for post-workout brunch. Some of them you could even get away with wearing to work to maximize the likelihood of squeezing a workout in.

Wed 04.16
Perfect Pink Leather

Pretty in Pink Leather: Barbie Girls

I love pink, I love leather, and yet I’d never been able to find the pink leather of my dreams…until I saw Jamie Chung in J Brand’s Aiah jacket at Coachella, that is! The hibiscus hue is perfect, so of course it’s sold out. This has sent me into search mode for the past couple days, looking for more delicious, bubble gum pink…

Wed 03.12
Top 5 Bomber Jackets

Top 5 Bomber Jackets: Take It to the Streets

Get collegiate chic with one of these bomber jackets, each perfect for transitioning into spring. The look has already been seen all over the streets, ranging from the matchy-matchy looks to cool contrasts. While I’m an ardent collector of moto jackets, these are even better for those warm spring days when a lightweight piece is all you need. Here are all the best styles at every price point…