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Fri 06.22

MOO ‘Mini Anger’ Porcelain Browed Glasses: Vintage High Brow

Moo ‘Mini Anger’ Porcelain Browed Sunglasses At Browns Fashion for $462.59.

Wed 06.13

Amber Heard Wears BOSS Black: She’s the Boss

Up-and-comer Amber Heard is growing on me. With classic bombshell looks and a rebellious streak, I’m positive the self-possessed actress is one to watch, on and off the screen. Especially after her latest ensemble caught my eye. Shopping at The Grove in LA recently, she whipped a slinky yet breezy BOSS Black dress into a […]

Mon 04.16

Top 5 Lolita Looks: Retro Revival

Dolores Haze might have just been 12-years-old, but the reluctant “nymphet” has proven herself to be a style icon for decades. And while the topic of this lust story may be uncomfortable at best, there’s no denying the cultural influence. Penned in 1955, the star of one of the most controversial novels of all time […]

Fri 04.13

Top Fortunate Finds: It’s Your Lucky Day

In honor of Friday the 13th – or in spite of, rather – I think we should invite some items into our wardrobe that are believed to ward off evil. From fiery red to Irish green to symbols off of horses, birds, and wild animals, I’m feeling positive energy abounding. With the right piece of […]

Mon 03.26

Steal the Look: Ashley Olsen Does Denim to Go

An unembellished denim shirt, nonchalantly buttoned and rumpled at the sleeves, tucked into black skinnies is such a chic alternative to a T-shirt and jeans. And just as classic. At first, I wasn’t sure if this is MK or Ashley (the bedhead hair said Mary-Kate, while the button-down style read Ashley) and either way, the […]

Thu 12.29

Show Me the Marni: One-Track Mind

It’s an old – and often rightly spoken – fashion rule to avoid wearing a single designer from head to toe (the one exception being when you’re sitting front row at that designer’s show). But when it comes to Marni, this law, along with a handful of others, flies out the window. Someone needs to […]

Tue 11.29

Killer Shades: Chanel Prestige Cat Eye

It was 60-something degrees here this past Saturday, which for November in New York City is nothing short of insane, but there was no complaining from my end! I got the above Chanel Prestige shades ($550 at Sunglass Hut), a few weeks ago and have been so madly in love with them that I’ve literally […]

Fri 08.26

Steal the Look: Dita Von Teese is Fresh as a Daisy

While so many girls succumb to the rut of cut-offs and tank tops by the time August roles around, the lovely Dita Von Teese is here to show us how summer dressing is really done. A throwback to a more polished era, right down to the porcelain skin and dagger-like reverse French red manicure, she’s […]

Mon 08.01

Madonna in Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses: Shady Behavior

It’s always risky business when it comes to Madge. You never quite know what you’re going to get! While the rest of her accessories confuse the eye – too busy-busy – her Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses are bold and flattering. This pair of cat-eye frames, out of their Spring/Summer 2011 collection, boast a harder edge […]