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Bag Snob x DKNY
Tue 06.05

Top 5 Sightseeing Bags: Tour de Force

Less is more when it comes to sightseeing in the summer months. More convenient, that is. Whether you’re taking in the Colleseum or Great Wall, the Louvre or Prado, all you need is room for a bit of cash for souvenirs, hotel key, credit card and cell phone (leave your passport in the safe at […]

Thu 05.24

Latest Press: ME Magazine

Meeting DKNY PR Girl is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened in my career. We met on not-so-nice terms (due to a not-so-nice review of a Donna Karan bag I wrote) but have since developed a mutual respect and admiration for each other that led to a most successful bag collaboration. The Five […]

Tue 01.03

Top 5 Bags for the Slopes: Ski Bunnies Gone Snobby

Not all mid-winter getaways point to sandy beaches and mid-eighties temperatures. It’s also time to hit the slopes! While dressing for the powdery elements can pose more complications than say, packing up for a day by the pool, it doesn’t mean you have to toss your snobbiest bags off the chair lift! Here, are the […]

Thu 12.29

Fun and Fab Clutches for New Year’s: Handle with Flair

If there is one night out of the entire year when you should break out the sassiest, sauciest, most conversation-worthy clutch you can, the last evening is it. Your party dress might set the tone, but you just can’t let your clutch go unnoticed when you ring in the New Year. Forget about holding back […]

Wed 11.30

Bag Snob x DKNY Tote: Join the Mile-High Club

Daydreaming back to the long-lost days when airplane travel was a thing of glamour in the sky, when stewardesses – ahem, flight attendants – were fly girls who dressed to the nines, Tina and I came up with the concept for our everyday tote. Looks like we were onto something! We designed this last year; […]

Sat 11.19

Bag Snob x DKNY Treasure Bag: Carry It, Love It, Treasure It

UPDATE: The Treasure bag arrived at yesterday and sold out within minutes! Fingers crossed they will re-stock! I have been so happy to hear all the compliments on my Treasure bag that I’ve been using it constantly. =) Everyone has also been asking where they can get one of their own. When designing this […]

Wed 11.16

Bag Snob x DKNY Travel Bag: You Getaway with Everything!

The chic carry-on bag, both fitting comfortably under the seat and in your hand. The Bag Snob x DKNY weekend duffel that looks like something you actually want to carry and holds all of your two-day essentials. Should be easy to find right? After years of traveling with bags that didn’t quite have all the […]

Wed 11.16

Bag Snob x DKNY Trendy Bag: Taken With the Trendy

Had to re-post this– they’re finally at! The tote and clutch have sold out– get your hands on a trendy asap! It’s ironic that a bag called the “Trendy” is hands down, one of my favorite bags of all time. But here it is, Bag Snob x DKNY Trendy bag, and I couldn’t be […]

Wed 11.16

Bag Snob x DKNY Clutch: A Perfect Fit

Just call us Goldilocks – for too long, we had been buying clutches yet could never find one that was just right. One that was easy on the eyes and actually held all our stuff, that that would allow us to balance a martini in one hand, while delicately shoving an hors d’oeuvre in our […]