Thu 01.17

Oscar Nominees: What They Should Wear

Sadly, the Golden Globes are over, but the big show is still to come – the Oscars. Awards season is my favorite time of year. It’s like a long holiday with tons of glitz and glamour and spectacle. But I kind of wish there was more glitz and glamour and especially more spectacle. Playing it […]

Thu 01.03

Eva Longoria Easy and Breezy Carrying Balenciaga Crossbody Bag

Eva stepped out in Miami recently looking fresh and fabulous wearing a simple yet sophisticated Balenciaga Classic Golden Hip Crossbody. This little guy is perfect for daily wear and works with everything from a simple sweater and jeans like Eva demonstrates, or dressed up with a LBD and pumps for a night out. Bags like […]

Thu 12.20
Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 30s

Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 30′s

When you hit 30, despite all the moaning and groaning, you suddenly seem to know yourself better than ever. What you need, what you want: it’s all within your reach. Bags included! Your 20s are for experimenting; by the time you’re into the next decade, a few investment-level pieces are key. Your essentials should be […]

Mon 12.17

Alexander Wang Snake-Effect Wedges: Three Cheers for Alex Wang

Thank god for Alex Wang – he gives us versatile pieces like these snake-effect peep toes at the absolute best prices. And no matter how much we all claim to love heels, the truth is that if there’s a pair of fierce wedges, we’d happily trade in our stilettos. These are pretty sexy, but if […]

Mon 12.17

Balenciaga Ruffle Front Sandals: Ruffled Riders

These supple leather Balenciaga sling-backs have somehow mastered the balance between unique and wearable. There are more than enough options when it comes to the nude sandal, but this pair takes it to the next dimension with a 3D look that’s chic, not gimmicky. The neutral shoe gets a nice pop of contrasting color and […]

Fri 12.14

Top 5 Sweet Treats: Welcome to Candyland

It’s the perfect time of year to play Candyland, but when it comes to these delicious bags, you really want to be saving them for spring. The whimsy of candy colors in unapologetic combos projects so much optimism and joy, it’s totally worth being forced to overthink what you’ll can wear with them (without looking […]

Wed 12.12

Top 5 Small Essentials: All the Small Things

They say you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, and that’s particularly easy when you’ve come prepared. A roomy bag is only as good as the stuff you’ve got in it…Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but the quality of your life is greatly improved when all the little things are in place. Here, five super-functional […]

Tue 11.27

Nicole Richie and Her Giant Balenciaga Bag Adventures

  Nicole and her adorable daughter Harlow took in a concert in LA recently armed with a fantastic Balenciaga bag. This Giant 12 Nickel City bag is subtly edgy (just like Richie) and has all the room in the world to tote phones, iPads, and juice boxes.  This is a great bag for chic moms […]

Sun 11.25

Five Essentials: eBay Edition

We are so excited to partner with eBay, my late-night addiction and secret spot for snobby scores. Even more fun than buy-it-now shopping is surfing the auctions! It’s such a thrill to witness the last few minutes of an auction in real time. I have a system: I place an early bid on an item, […]