Tue 04.02

Balenciaga Vanity Grained Leather Bag: A Novel Idea

When you’re about to hit the town, but your classic clutches and elegant minaudieres are putting you to sleep, you need an appealing alternative. Enter the Vanity bag. Offbeat and eye-catching, Balenciaga’s mini is hip enough to turn even your primmest cocktail upside down and petite enough to look appropriate. Sure, it’s a totally novelty […]

Tue 04.02

Bright Leather Jackets: Pink Ladies

Pink jackets should have been huge in the ‘80s. It’s never too late to start the trend, though! Black will always be cool, but you don’t want to get stuck in a rut. So this spring, take the biker staple and give it a fresh coat of paint – pink paint! Balenciaga’s coral number (on […]

Wed 03.20

Top 5 Ruffled Shoes: Frill-Seekers

Today is the first day of spring, and while the weather may not reflect that everywhere, your shoes can certainly do the job! Romantic ruffles are just the airy frills to start of the season with. Wear these shoes with bright, girly dresses, but nothing too poufy – you’ve already got enough embellishments and volume […]

Tue 03.19

The Right White Dress: Let There Be Light

In my city, there is a rule that every house must be painted white. They literally have a color standard called “approved white,” so in honor of the colorless color, here are my approved whites for the season. Just remember not to pick pieces that are too flowing. Tailoring is key when it comes to […]

Mon 03.04

Best Pastel Shoes: Sugar and Spice

Pastels hues are as sweet as candy, and while that’s nice and all, isn’t fun when they have a little edge? We don’t want a sugar overload after all! To satiate our sweet tooth in dentist-approved doses, choose shoes with chunky heels, exotic skins, and just a little touch of metallic. Take springtime shades from […]

Mon 02.25

Top 5 Summer Clutches: Summer Lovin’

Are we there yet? Like a little kid whining in the backseat of the car, I’ve already got my eyes on the next phase: I’m ready for summertime bags. When it comes to a hot-weather clutch, you don’t want anything heavily beaded or trimmed in bulky skins. Let’s lighten up, people. Think easy, effortless, and […]

Wed 02.13

Street Style: New York Fashion Week

Yes, we’re all here for what’s on the runway, but seeing what’s off the catwalk can be just as delightful (at times dreadful). Outside the tents is more of a circus, but it’s one that I’d happily go to anytime for the pure entertainment value. Prada was prowling the streets yesterday, proving that you don’t […]

Tue 02.12

Balenciaga Papier A4 Zip: Find Your Wings

I’m all about small clutches right now, but this creatively convertible Balenciaga deserves attention and mention. While the bag is hardware-heavy, the house’s signature studs take a backseat to buckles and extra long zippers, which run all the way from top to bottom on the sides. It may not look like it at first glance, […]

Thu 02.07

Balenciaga Spine Sandals: Every Rose has Its Thorn…

And so apparently do Balenciaga sandals! These shoes are exactly the kind of fierce footwear I want to be wearing during Fashion Week. Their prickly design will have even the born and bred New Yorkers running off to the sidelines in fear and loathing. Unfortunately, these won’t ship until April, so I’ll have to find […]