Wed 04.09
Balenciaga Ostrich Tube Round L

Balenciaga Ostrich Tube Round L: Riding the L Train

Balenciaga just got serious. The words that come to mind upon first impression of this top-handle tote? Incredible. Beautiful. Classic. Decadent. This is, of course, Balenciaga’s big answer to the Birkin, but knockoff or tawdry imitation it isn’t. Thanks to their signature tube-shaped hardware, it’s merely a dutiful nod to the holy grail of bags, one that shows nothing but respect.

Tue 03.11
Balenciaga Padlock Work Leather Tote

Balenciaga Padlock Work Leather Tote: You’d Better Work

Here you go: a great Balenciaga classic without the signature Balenciaga fuss. Just good, clean, boxy-structured fun. Take a look at the proportions; this is a smaller bag than you might expect, which makes the overall effect so cute. Otherwise, in a big tote size, it would be a bit overwhelming.

Tue 03.04
Best Tech Accessories

Best Tech Accessories: The Next Big Thing

Face it – you’ve become permanently attached to your smart phone, tablet, and laptop. And by you, I mean me! It feels like my life would fall apart if any one of these things were to disappear or be damaged. Just like you would with anything that is so precious in your life, you make sure it’s safe and snuggled up in the most fabulous coverings.

Tue 02.25

Ari Dein Slip Dress Plus Rag & Bone Talia V-Neck Sweater: Sleep-Meets-Street Dressing

The moment Coco Chanel slipped her beau’s oversized sweater on over her dress, so began the revolution of glamorous cross-dressing. Nearly a century later, the combination holds strong, and there’s nothing quite as perfect as a sumptuously too-big sweater and a delicate slip dress when it comes to transitional dressing.

Mon 01.27
Top 5 Sweatshirts

Top 5 Sweatshirts: Sweating It

Rejoice! It’s the era of the sweatshirt, and I’m all about comfort couture so this is a trend I’m jumping on. First the Birkenstock and now sweats. Schlepping has never been so chic! Seriously, when are pajamas going to be acceptable to wear out? Oh yeah, that already happened.

Fri 01.24

Pretty in Pink, Part One: Pastel Pink

I have an unabashed love of anything pink. After giving birth, I carried a pink diaper bag, even though I’d had a boy (What? He wasn’t the one carrying it – I was). I don’t have daughters; it’s my biggest regret in life…So I painted my laundry room pink, complete with giant pink Pottery Barn girls’ chandelier.

Mon 01.13

Golden Globes 2014: Snob Fashion Awards, Part 1

It was an absolute dream to be able to attend the Golden Globes. Well, I didn’t actually attend the awards show, only the parties and I wasn’t actually ON the red carpet but I was pretty darn close. Apparently I photo bombed Ryan Seacrest all night on the E! red carpet show, I am hanging […]

Wed 12.18
Balenciaga Le Dix Cartables Leather Tote Bag

Balenciaga Le Dix Cartables Leather Tote Bag: God’s Gift to Women

This simple and refined lady bag will not only outlast it through the thick and thin of trends, it is a bag captivating enough to keep you cherishing it forever. The Le Dix Cartables pays respect to the elegant old guard of Balenciaga, with its classic silhouette and prim, structured feel. At the same time, thanks to Alexander Wang’s ever forward-gazing eye, it feels undeniably new millennium by nature. It’s literally the best of both worlds.

Mon 12.09
Balenciaga Polished Leather Clutch Bag

Balenciaga Polished Leather Clutch Bag: Punk Meets Polish

Love, love, love! This bag proves Alexander Wang is capable of imbuing the near-immaculate house of Balenciaga (from Cristobal to Nicolas) with his distinct brand of street-style savvy – without abandoning their finely cultivated aesthetic.