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Bottega Veneta
Tue 10.14
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Hair Accessories

Scrunchies may be a thing of the past (for now…), but if you trust the Fashion Month runways, hair accessories are about to be bigger and brighter than ever!

Wed 10.01
Top Bags to Show Your Strength

Top Bags to Show Your Strength: Pink is the New Black

From demure blush tones to innocent garden hues to quintessential Barbie pinks to searing fuchsias and bold magentas to the perfect shade of lipstick pink: October is the best month to show off your best pinks, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Tue 08.26
Bottega Veneta Bag

Bottega Veneta Shopping Watersnake-Trimmed Leather Tote: Pale Fire

Some bags make more of a whisper than a shout – but a whisper can be just as effective, and sometimes even more so. Just look to Bottega Veneta for a prime example of a softly beguiling creation. Sure, the design may not be earth-shattering or revolutionary; it is just a shopper tote, after all.

Mon 07.07
Bottega Veneta Medium Intrecciato Flap Shoulder Bag

Bottega Veneta Medium Intrecciato Flap Shoulder Bag: Clap for the Flap

I don’t say this about too many designers, but I love it when Bottega Veneta gets complicated. Well, maybe complicated isn’t quite the right word. Tomas Maier is too smart for that; with him and his creations, it comes down to complexity. The deceptively complex effects of Bottega’s bags are thanks, in part, to the fact that he really knows how to show restraint.

Wed 06.18
Bottega Veneta Olimpia Intrecciato Ayers Shoulder Bag

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Intrecciato Ayers Shoulder Bag: You Have to Weave It to Believe It

Count on Bottega Veneta to constantly devise different and exciting ways to inject energy into their quintessential trademarks. This time, a classic Bottega style is renewed with the application of taupe-gray ayers in their signature intrecciato.

Thu 06.12
Best of Resort 2015

Best of Resort 2015: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, and Chloé

Resort is no mere iteration of Fall or a lead-in towards Spring. It’s now a well-established season unto its own…

Mon 05.26

MATCHESFASHION.COM Memorial Day Sale: Up to 50% Off!

Happy Memorial Day, Snobs! Before you light up the barbecue with family and friends, take a moment to yourself for some retail therapy. MATCHESFASHION.COM is kicking off their end-of-season sale with a selection of items up to half off…

Wed 05.14
Bottega Veneta Olimpia Tobu Fringe Shoulder Bag

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Tobu Fringe Shoulder Bag: Don’t Toss This Confetti

A Bottega Veneta bag like this isn’t one I have to sell you on or convince you of why it’s a wise investment. When it comes to a bag like this, you already know it will be a purchase that lasts forever, but it’s also one for the set who demands something slightly different.

Wed 04.16
Bottega Veneta Glass Bag

Bottega Veneta Glass Bag: Heart of Glass

Here is a perfect example of a bag that illustrates the pillars of Bottega Veneta: impeccable craftsmanship, contemporary functionality, and timeless design topped with quality materials. And like every Bottega piece, it effectively grabs attention without resorting to the vulgarity of in-your-face logos or cheap tricks like tacky dangling fur balls.