Mon 09.08
Burberry Extra-Large Painted Alligator Tote Bag

Burberry Extra-Large Painted Alligator Tote Bag: Truth or Dare

Be honest – do you find this bag repulsive, intriguing, or gorgeous? Or maybe all three? No matter how you feel about it, something that automatically forces so many emotional states has its merits. You have to give it that.

Tue 07.15
Burberry London Bonded Leather Hobo Bag

Burberry London Leather Hobo Bag: Grab Bag

It’s refreshing to see a departure for Burberry. Not only is this hobo a great relaxed style you’ll want to grab and keep by your side all day (and maybe week) long, it’s different from your typical Burberry style.

Mon 03.24
Best Spring Pastels

Best Spring Pastels: A Glimmer of Shimmer

Remember those pastel – or I should say, pasty – lipsticks we wore in the ninth grade? We all looked like defective Barbies with our frosty blue eye shadow and pale pink lips. Fortunately, the science behind our makeup has only improved since then, as have the trends! Today’s pastels involve just a glimmer of shimmer, rather than a chalky, unflattering consistency.

Thu 01.30
Belted Coats

Belted Coats: Taking the Long Way

If yesterday’s Snowpocalypse in Atlanta is any indication, the season’s inclement winter weather is here to stay for a while longer. The best thing to do is to arm yourself for its next attack.

Wed 11.27

Top 5 Suede Must-Haves: The Year of the Camel

I recently invested in a shearling camel coat from Burberry and as a result, I am now consumed with all things camel. Think buttery and luscious camel: is anything more luxurious-looking? It’s also very high-maintenance, but so are all great things in life!

Mon 11.18
You’re Invited

You’re Invited: Burberry x Vogue Red Cross Benefit

After an incredible trip to Shanghai, one of the first things I’m doing back home in Dallas is hosting a Burberry x Vogue benefit for the Red Cross, and you’re all invited!

Tue 09.24
Design through the Decades

Design through the Decades: The 2010s

Okay, we’re not even halfway through the decade, so there are certainly more trends to come! But we already spotted quite a few, ranging from vampy cutout shoes to simple ballet flats. It seems that we’ve finally learned to mix style and comfort. There’s a little something for everyone, whether you like a bird’s eye view atop skyscraper heels or prefer to stay grounded.

Thu 09.05
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Leather Midi Skirts

Ever since summer first started, I’ve been all about the midi skirt and now that fall’s here, it’s time to update the look in sleek, black leather. There are so many options – faux, pleated, vintage, Frugal! I’ve found some of the best Snob skirts, as well as a selection of budget-friendlier options. Take a peek at which style would work best for you…

Thu 06.20

Top 5 Black and White Animal Prints: Who Needs Color?

I am obsessed with zebra right now! If you happened to ask me this moment, all of my accessories could be zebra-proint pony hair and I’d be thrilled. (I’m sure tomorrow I will change my mind, but isn’t the fun of fashion all about the here and now?) But even if I step back and […]