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Wed 01.13
The First Annual Snob Award Winners

The First Annual Snob Award Winners

The votes are in! Scroll through to find out which designers you’re awarding with the year’s top honors…

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Wed 01.06
Bag Awards

The First Annual Snob Awards

With 2015 comfortably behind us, we’re looking forward towards a fresh year, at least for the most part. As awards season quickly approaches, it’s time we take stock of the best, worst, and most memorable bags of the past year. Make your voice heard, and vote from now until Sunday, January 10th! The winners will be announced on Monday, January 11th. The fate of the brands is in your hands, perhaps literally.

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Mon 12.28
DIY Wallet-on-a-Chain

DIY Wallet-on-a-Chain: Mind the Strap

The holiday season may be coming to a close, but there’s at least one party left – and it’s the biggest of them all! New Year’s Eve gatherings are often packed to the brim with people, so clearly you don’t want to be dragging around a hefty tote. You want to be holding a drink, dancing, and snacking on delicious little canapés (before your January 1st diet and fitness regimen officially kicks off!). That calls for a small, hands-free bag. My accessory of choice? The wallet-on-a-chain. The only trouble is that some of my favorite wallets come sans-strap…

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Tue 11.10
Not Your Garden Variety

Not Your Garden Variety: Everything’s Coming Up Floral

From the darkly romantic to the bright and cheery, everything is coming up floral this season. There’s nothing new about florals, per se, but what’s fresh about this bouquet is the attitude. It’s unconventional, unexpected, and off the beaten, blossomy path.

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Thu 10.08
The Snob's Definitive Designer Directory

The Snob’s Definitive Fashion Designer Directory

Can’t keep up with who’s designing for which brand? In the high fashion world’s ongoing game of musical chairs, it can be overwhelming to keep track of the creative minds behind the brands.

Fri 09.25

Top 7 Celebrity Bags You Must Have Now: The Lucky Seven

As much as I resist trying to be tempted, whenever a see a celebrity carrying a cute bag, I get serious FOMO and start searching for it online immediately. These are the ones that had me scrambling this week…

Thu 06.04
Rain Boots

Rain Boots: Rain, Rain, Come My Way

Listen, you know I would wear 5-inch heels all day, every day if I could, but the weather lately has been challenging. Don’t let it cramp your style.

Thu 02.12

Top 5 Curved Edges: Round-Up of Rounded Bags

For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. So with the recent onslaught of hard, unyielding bags, you can bet there’s a slew of softer options to even things out. Here it is: the counter movement to the recent structured bag obsession.

Tue 11.25

Cape Coats and Ponchos: Celebrity Style

It’s that time of year again: The weird in-between when it’s not cold enough for tights to be a necessity, but you still need something to throw over your shoulders, especially for the fancy nights-out. Cape coats and ponchos are great transitional options for this season.