Charlotte Olympia
Wed 03.26
Charlotte Olympia Sunny Metallic Patent-Leather and PVC Clutch

Charlotte Olympia Sunny Metallic Patent-Leather and PVC Clutch: Gotcha!

Oh no, she didn’t! Charlotte Olympia struck again, and though the joke’s on me, I’m too excited to care. There I was scrolling through NET-A-PORTER looking for some new sunglasses, when I found the perfect retro pair – only to realize it was a cat-eyed clutch!

Thu 03.20

Top 5 Spring Pumps: The Higher the Heel, the Closer to God

The higher the heel, the closer to god? Absolutely! Just don’t tell your chiropractor I said that (tip: Pilates and yoga strengthen your core and back, making heels easier to maneuver). I’ve been wearing them since I was 17. When I graduated from high school, I tossed my flats and never looked back. Pumps were a part of my daily uniform at USC and continue to be today.

Tue 03.11
Food-Inspired Bags

Food-Inspired Bags: Taste This

While I consider myself both a Bag Snob and a Food Snob, I never thought the two would come together in quite this way. The results are hit or miss. Chanel, for one, did the gourmand well with steaks that were probably the most imaginative bags we’ve seen from the brand in years. I also fell for Nancy Gonzalez’s handwoven croc wicker apples and pineapples.

Tue 01.07

Top 5 Mondrian-Esque Bags: Primary Election

There is color-blocking as a trend, and then there is color-blocking as a concept. While the former has been done to death, a geometric combination of shades inspired by artist Piet Mondrian are feeling right at the moment.

Wed 12.25
Charlotte Olympia Kitty Clutch with Swarovski Eyes

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Clutch with Swarovski Eyes: Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted (and everything you didn’t even know you needed).

Thu 12.12
Top 5 Festive Clutches

Top 5 Festive Clutches: Tis the Season to be Folly

Embrace the folly, and the jolliness will follow. All the exuberance that comes with the holiday season allows for a sense of play. Go ahead, break the rules and make a fashion faux pas on purpose. When done right, your tongue-in-cheek blunder can be the ultimate exception.

Thu 12.05

Top Perfectly Round Bags: The Circle Game

Spring and Fall, the major seasons of the year, always produce a nice little array of perfect-circle bags that are equal parts mod and modern. Remember Chanel’s round bags in the ’80s? This is a style with staying power. I’m not saying that one of these featured six should be the only bag you carry (no, no, no!), but a couple in your collection ought to round it out quite nicely.

Tue 12.03
Top 5 Party Favorites

Top 5 Party Favorites: From Sale to Soiree

Don’t get bogged down by all the red velvet and emerald sparkle that abounds this time of year. There’s no need to get dressed up like a Christmas tree for the season’s cocktail fetes! Instead, make a statement courtesy of eye-catching (not eye-assaulting) pieces with subtle yet strong details.

Tue 11.19
Charlotte Olympia Cat Naps

Charlotte Olympia Cat Naps: Naughty and Nice

Whether your family and friends have been naughty or nice this year, the season of giving compels you to get them something special, and I have just the thing for Shoe Snobs! Since Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty craze seems to grow with each season, the designer will be releasing a holiday gift set that all the cat ladies out there (and even the dog people) are sure to covet – the Cat Nap.