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Mon 10.03

Paris Fashion Week Runway Bags: Part One

A sexy and utterly feminine collection at Nina Ricci. I attended the intimate show on Ave Foch the day I arrived and was immediately taken by the new bags. Ribbon and lace details gorgeously juxtaposed with exotic skins and satins that retained the Nina Ricci ladylike flavor while injecting a much needed modern exuberance.  The … Continue reading Paris Fashion Week Runway Bags: Part One

Wed 07.06

Christian Dior Fall 2011 Couture Collection : The Sad Clown?

Sending in the clowns at Dior?! Who is next? We knew the party was over for John Galliano, and now it looks like the festivities might be dying down at the legendary house – at least for the moment. Though I didn’t have very high expectations for the Dior Couture show without Galliano at the … Continue reading Christian Dior Fall 2011 Couture Collection : The Sad Clown?

Fri 03.04

Dior Fall 2011 Bags

I know Galliano did not foresee his public meltdown or that this collection would be his swan song at Dior but I still can’t help being slightly disappointed by the lack of new bag styles. Dior’s Fall 2011 bag collection was mostly a re-issuing of past season styles in different colors – cherry brown, dark … Continue reading Dior Fall 2011 Bags

Fri 02.11

Natalie Portman in Dior Panarea Bag

Considering she’s the face of the new Miss Dior Cherie fragrance, it really should come as no surprise that Natalie Portman sports the French label’s accessories when out and about. Natalie’s a pretty laid back young lady, so it’s nice to see that her accessories, while decidedly luxe, aren’t all bells-and-whistles stuffy. Take, for example, … Continue reading Natalie Portman in Dior Panarea Bag

Fri 12.10

Dior NY 57th Street Exclusives

As has become the norm for luxury fashion houses celebrating momentous store openings–or re-openings–Dior has launched five very special accessories available exclusively at its newly-renovated East 57th Street Manhattan flagship, which opens to the public on Saturday. Given the storied label’s re-focus on its iconic Lady Dior bag–several gorgeous incarnations appeared on its Spring 2011 … Continue reading Dior NY 57th Street Exclusives

Mon 11.15

Natalie Portman Carries Dior

Remember that one time I shaved my head and I was still absolutely stunning and everyone was all “Gah, you are absolutely stunning even though your head is shaved!” and then as my hair grew out I went through every phase of short hair and I was equally beautiful with each length and then it … Continue reading Natalie Portman Carries Dior

Sat 10.02

Dior Spring 2011

Before I delve into the spring bags, I’d like to take a moment and shout with delight: THE LADY DIOR BAG IS BACK! Granted, it never really went away, but it needed a serious dose of rejuvenation after becoming seemingly an afterthought in the Dior leathergoods family. That’s why I was jumping for joy when … Continue reading Dior Spring 2011

Tue 09.07

Dior Delices Clutch

A simple yet roomy clutch goes a long way in making an outfit complete. When Natalie Portman arrived on the red carpet for her “Black Swan” premiere in Venice, Italy, last week, I immediately took note of her evening bag. It wasn’t one of those jeweled minaudieres or steel box clutches with no personality; rather, … Continue reading Dior Delices Clutch

Wed 08.11

Eva Mendes in Dior Libertine Bag

Never one to be without a versatile tote, Eva Mendes’ favorite hold-all of the moment appears to be Dior’s new Libertine bag. Fashioned in soft lambskin, I love the petal pink color–it’s perfect for Eva’s feminine aesthetic. And speaking of versatile, Eva illustrates it perfectly via a dressed up look thanks to a floral-print Oscar … Continue reading Eva Mendes in Dior Libertine Bag