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Mon 11.15

Natalie Portman Carries Dior

Remember that one time I shaved my head and I was still absolutely stunning and everyone was all “Gah, you are absolutely stunning even though your head is shaved!” and then as my hair grew out I went through every phase of short hair and I was equally beautiful with each length and then it […]

Sat 10.02

Dior Spring 2011

Before I delve into the spring bags, I’d like to take a moment and shout with delight: THE LADY DIOR BAG IS BACK! Granted, it never really went away, but it needed a serious dose of rejuvenation after becoming seemingly an afterthought in the Dior leathergoods family. That’s why I was jumping for joy when […]

Tue 09.07

Dior Delices Clutch

A simple yet roomy clutch goes a long way in making an outfit complete. When Natalie Portman arrived on the red carpet for her “Black Swan” premiere in Venice, Italy, last week, I immediately took note of her evening bag. It wasn’t one of those jeweled minaudieres or steel box clutches with no personality; rather, […]

Wed 08.11

Eva Mendes in Dior Libertine Bag

Never one to be without a versatile tote, Eva Mendes’ favorite hold-all of the moment appears to be Dior’s new Libertine bag. Fashioned in soft lambskin, I love the petal pink color–it’s perfect for Eva’s feminine aesthetic. And speaking of versatile, Eva illustrates it perfectly via a dressed up look thanks to a floral-print Oscar […]

Thu 07.29

Dior New Lock Small Flap Bag

Adorable chic, that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Dior’s latest arm candy– the New Lock flap bag.  Cleverly designed with Dior’s now iconic quilting– this is for the bag snob who loves a touch of girly ruffles toughened up with industrial link chains.  What a fab alternative to the […]

Mon 06.14

Anne Hathaway in Lady Dior

I know that Marion Cotillard is now the poster girl for Lady Dior, but no ad campaign is going to change my opinion on this bag. Sure it’s a classic staple that will never go out of style, but I think it’s best kept for the conservative over 60-set. Anna Hathaway looks a bit ridiculous […]

Tue 06.01

Jessica Kagan “My Other Bag is….”

I accidentally forgot to lock my locker at the gym a few weeks ago and everything (minus sweaty socks and such…), was stolen! Adios Gucci bag, new Polar heart rate monitor, wallet…thankfully I didn’t have my credit cards, license, etc. in my bag but still what an aggravation! Warning even at nicer gyms like Sports […]

Wed 05.05

Emma Watson’s Dior Oui Ring: Snob or Slob?

Maybe if it were worn next to a “Non” ring I would understand the appeal of the white gold Dior Oui Ring ($675), but as is I simply don’t get it. The popular piece comes in a variety of iterations and is worn above by Emma Watson (it’s hard to spot I know, but trust that it’s there!). While I like the script-shape of the letters, I can’t get over the stupidity of what it says!

Tue 04.13

Gisele and Charlize in Dior Large Gaucho Tote

I think the Dior Saddle Bag is one of the best, most original designs of all times and every so often I’ll bust my black one out of my closet and wear it out. Anyone else feel like the Saddle will be making a comeback soon? Its been about seven years since its peak…I think […]