Emilio Pucci
Thu 05.29
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Coverups: Everything but Muumuus

I was shopping with a couple of friends a few months ago when one of them grabbed two muumuus for the duo’s impending Turks & Caicos trip. I held my tongue, though they were clearly not the most flattering loungewear on the market…

Tue 02.25

Best of Beauty: Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014 has officially wrapped, and while most designers opted for natural looks both for hair and makeup, there were still plenty of out-of-the-box and inspiring styles. Here’s a peek at the four beauty looks we can’t get out of our heads!

Fri 10.25

Halloween Costumes with Afterlives

I hate wearing the cheap polyester costumes that look more like craft projects than actual clothes, but I also don’t want to spend on something I’m only going to wear once. This year my family is doing a Wizard of Oz theme, and I am of course the Wicked Witch since my girls snatched up the cuter Dorothy and Glinda the Good Witch characters.