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Gerard Darel
Fri 04.10
Best Celebrity Mini Bags of the Week

Best Celebrity Mini Bags of the Week

When I looked at all the bags celebrities carried this week, one thing popped out at me: they’re all mini! As as Petite Snob, I’m always happy to see tiny bags trending, especially this time of year; it’s like we’re all shedding the hefty layers of winter and starting fresh…

Fri 03.29

Emmy Rossum x Gerard Darel Plum Bag Riviera: Cut-Out & Run

I’ve been an admirer of Gerard Darel since I bought my first 24 Hour bag in Paris five years ago. The designer’s pieces have slowly but surely been making their way over to US stores, so I always love to see celebs carrying them. My girl Emmy Rossum has been jetting around LA with the […]

Mon 12.17

Gerard Darel Spring 2013: Chunk of Change

Gerard Darel has streamlined its Spring 2013 collection, replacing the popular bohemian-flavored bags with elegantly structured pieces defined by clean lines. The new architecture is more formal, but with casual perforated leather and linen, these will be great for the warmer weather months. As much as I like the way the collection looks, I can’t […]

Mon 06.04

Gerard Darel Fall 2012 Collection: French Kiss

I have loved the family-run French brand for years, since my first Gerard Darel python bag I purchased in Paris five years ago. Even though the label was founded back in 1971 and poster girls have included the likes of Christy Turlington and Stephanie Seymour, it has yet to really hit mainstream America, as it’s […]

Fri 02.05

Gerard Darel Flat Jack Santa Fe Messanger Bag

Remember Gerard Darel? We were all crazy for its bags in 2007 and scooped up several in Paris but the love has since fizzled due to the difficulty for us to get it stateside. Maybe Sarah Jessica can bring back the love now that Shop Rumor has the Flat Jack in stock.  It’s a good […]

Thu 04.09

Gerard Darel HB Tote in Elephant

Gerard Darel finally has another online retailer, one that we know and trust, Luxcouture. They are still getting more in because they can’t seem to keep them in stock! This new tote is one I have not seen before – I am in love and must have it (actually already ordered it), especially in this […]

Thu 03.26

The scoop on Gerard Darel

Are you so pissed that you can’t walk into a store and buy as many Gerard Darel bags as you’d like? The French would like to keep it that way, for a while longer anyway (because this summer you’ll be able to find GD bags and clothes at Bloomingdales!). You’ve been asking me the scoop […]

Tue 07.29

Gerard Darel Redux: Gold Python

Read it and weep my darlings. Carrie Underwood strikes gold with the glittering gold version of my python bag. Carrie dined at Il Fornaio with her nephews and strolled the streets of Beverly Hills – toting this rare and ultra-glamorous handbag. Although unavailable for purchase in the United States, Gerard Darel python bags are quickly […]

Tue 07.08

Gerard Darel Midday Midnight Bag

$895 at Check out the latest Gerard Darel creation featured in its Fall 2008 Ads starring Mamie Gummer, the Midday Midnight Bag! For noon or midnight, I just love the casual vibe of this bag. It’s actually more Kelly’s style than mine but I am ready to loosen up and have some fun as […]