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Giorgio Armani
Thu 02.11
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Fragrances For Your Boo

Not to sound selfish, but getting your boo a fragrance for Valentine’s Day is as fantastic a gift for you as it is for him. Scent is incredibly personal, but here are some new standouts you might want to consider sniffing out for as you look for Valentine’s Day gifts!

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Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Tue 06.16
Rihanna x Giorgio Armani Le Sac 11

Rihanna x Giorgio Armani Le Sac 11: Classic Does It

Could simple, streamlined totes be having a moment? Sure, elegant Célines and Victoria Beckhams have been Snob favorites for years, but you don’t necessarily expect Bad Gal RiRi to carry such a classic style. Maybe it’s in response to all of the clown couture we see paraded on the streets.

Tue 09.23

Fall 2014 from Giorgio Armani Beauty

Giorgio Armani launched his new limited edition beauty collection, Fade to Grey, on the Fall 2014 runwayicon. The products were all tested out backstage and while Armani has had a successful cosmetics line for awhile it was only recently that I started using his products. I was lured in by the gorgeous packaging.

Fri 06.27
Summer Beauty Tips for Asian Hair and Skin

Summer Beauty Tips for Asian Hair and Skin

In my latest Harper’s Bazaar column, I talk beauty tips for Asian hair and skin! Read the full article here…

Mon 05.05
Tina Craig on the Art of Packing

Tina Craig on the Art of Packing

I have been an active member of Overpackers Anonymous for as long as I can remember. It started at eight years old when I moved to the United States from Taiwan. The transition definitely affected my tendency to stock up—being uprooted from the only home you’ve ever known to a foreign country and not speaking a word of the local language is beyond traumatizing. Therefore, wherever I went, I packed everything with me.

Tue 04.22
Giorgio Armani Beauty CC Cream & Concealer

Giorgio Armani Beauty CC Cream & Concealer: Bye Bye, BB!

Move over BB! There’s a new cream in the beauty department – CC. It makes faking flawless skin easier than ever. No Photoshop or complexion perfecting apps required! In 25 years we’ll probably have ZZ, but for now this is getting the job done well.

Wed 10.23
The Structured Black Tote

The Structured Black Tote: A Lifetime Love

Here’s an homage to the most quintessential bag, the open, structured black tote that we all should have. Boring? Maybe. But useful? Very. I often find myself going for this most basic style, even though I choose to complicate my life by filling every storage space with such a variety of bags that I don’t ever need the black tote.

Thu 10.03
Spring 2014 Fashion Month

Spring 2014 Fashion Month: Bags in Bloom

One thing you’re always guaranteed in Spring collections? Florals! You would think that seeing them again and again each year would grow tiresome, yet (for the most part) designers manage to keep the look fresh – no pun intended! Let’s take a look back at each city’s flowery Spring ’14 bags, beginning of course with Paris.

Thu 01.05

Miu Miu Printed Silk-Taffeta Dress: One Dress, Two Personas

The choice is yours: take this dress back where it came from, to Petticoat Junction – or give it a sexy-cute surprise and go full-on Gothic Lolita. A dress like Miu Miu’s latest spring number, in poufy red gingham, might look like a statement, but it’s your call. The beauty of a bold frock is … Continue reading Miu Miu Printed Silk-Taffeta Dress: One Dress, Two Personas