Wed 07.31

Top 5 Daily Bags: Bare Necessities

You know you need it, and you know the one you probably already own is worn to bits. Despite what many designers seem to think, most of us just want an easy daily bag to throw on our shoulders without a moment of thought.

Wed 07.31
Design Through the Decades

Design Through the Decades: The 1980s

When it came to 1980s fashion, bigger was always better. Head banger bands like White Snake and Skid Row fueled this trend with video after video of girls rocking huge hair and writhing on cars in nothing but skimpy bikinis and white stilettos. As a high schooler, I wasn’t allowed to have pumps (I couldn’t even wear my high-tops or jellies except on the weekends).

Fri 07.19
Kate Moss and Olivia Munn Do the LBD Justice

Kate Moss and Olivia Munn Do the LBD Justice: Black is the New Black

The LBD is a year-round staple, that much we know, but getting the summertime LBD just right isn’t always the most effortless feat.

Fri 07.12
Best Celeb Bags of the Week

Best Celeb Bags of the Week: Playing Favorites

When you’re rushing around NYC like Miranda Kerr, a mini bag is the only way to go. I love Louis Vuitton’s toned down Monceau BB (at Louis Vuitton for $1,720). Okay, bright pink patent isn’t exactly toned down – I’m talking monogram-wise. And remember, Loeffler Randall has a Frugal option!

Mon 07.08
A Jolt of Cobalt

A Jolt of Cobalt: Blue Ribbon Winners

As much as I love cobalt, it’s one of those colors that you only need a little of to make a statement. Anything more than that would cause serious shock and awe (and not the good kind). You pack a bigger punch with a jolt of electric color rather than a full-on current, so choose just one piece to layer with…

Tue 04.30

Top 5 Loafer Pumps: An Indelicate Balance

This style is a little confusing to me. The awkward mix of masculine and feminine seems incongruous, but I guess that’s the appeal. I would stick with ladylike pairings to add a sense of delicacy to these chunky heels. While they’re seen most often in the office, try to have fun with them when you’re […]

Tue 04.09

Gucci Bright Bit Patent Leather Shoulder Bag: Arm Candy

I love a candy-colored patent leather bag, especially when it’s been miniaturized! This is arm candy in the truest sense. The iconic horse bit closure reveals its designer without having to emblazon GUCCI on the front, making this perfect for the Snob who prefers not to flash labels. You want a bag to be chic […]

Fri 04.05

Coin Purses: One for the Money

I have a loaded arsenal of coin purses. Why does one have so many you ask? First, off they’re adorable! But I have a practical reason, too – my Delvaux holds Euros, Chanel has Chinese coins in it, and an old Gucci protects my Taiwanese NT coins. Now I’m looking for something to carry my […]

Mon 03.18

Floral Shoes: Flowers and Weeds

Yes, believe it or not, old lady wallpaper can make for some pretty awesome shoes – in the right hands of course. It’s spring, so we’re seeing lots of florals, but don’t go with the first bright bouquet that catches your eye. We’re so excited to jump into the flowers that we don’t always stop […]