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Thu 01.08
Classic Bags that Never Go Out of Style

Classic Bags that Never Go Out of Style: Save Now, Splurge Later

We may want every new bag that hits the market, but the fact of the matter is that we couldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) actually buy every single one. It’s all about picking and choosing. While the occasional trendy piece is a justified indulgence, what you really want to invest in are the classics.

Mon 07.14
Top Bastille Day Bags

Top Bastille Day Bags: Viva la France!

Where would we Bag Snobs be without the French? Not only did they give us Champagne and the word chic; they have blessed us with many of the most vital and beloved designers in the world.

Wed 07.02
Hermès Petit H

Hermès Petit H: Scrap It Up

Since she just a girl, Pascale Mussard, the great-great-great granddaughter of Hermès founder Thierry Hermès, has been collecting scraps from the iconic house’s workshops on Rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré (where she spent her childhood…how jealous are we?!). Then in 2011, after 33 years with the company, she was named co-artistic director, and with that, finally began to put her fine scraps to use with the birth of Petit h!

Mon 05.05
The Five Essentials Featuring Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz

The Five Essentials Featuring Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz

There are women who are merely front-row fixtures, and then there’s Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz. You can always count on the always-elegant Deena to raise the style bar during fashion week. The terrifyingly chic fashion entrepreneur is the owner of D’NA boutique.

Mon 05.05
Tina Craig on the Art of Packing

Tina Craig on the Art of Packing

I have been an active member of Overpackers Anonymous for as long as I can remember. It started at eight years old when I moved to the United States from Taiwan. The transition definitely affected my tendency to stock up—being uprooted from the only home you’ve ever known to a foreign country and not speaking a word of the local language is beyond traumatizing. Therefore, wherever I went, I packed everything with me.

Thu 04.24
Hermès Double Sens

Hermès Double Sens: Make Mine a Double

There is nothing like a double dose of Hermès to get the pulse revved up. Before I buy a bag, any bag, I turn it completely inside-out to inspect the lining because to me, the interior is just as important as the exterior (it’s kind of like choosing men!). I have always maintained that I could turn my Hermès bags inside-out and use them; they’re that good.

Tue 04.08
Beach Accessories

Beach Accessories: Luxe Lounging

These aren’t exactly the typical vacation must-haves that you can throw in your raffia tote and leave on the beach while you wade out into sea. They’re more like what you’d be wearing while lounging on the deck of a 210-footer out on the ocean! Would you indulge in these luxe accessories for your next tropical getaway?

Wed 04.02
Hermès Sac Soie Cool Bag

Hermès Sac Soie Cool Bag: Les Scarf C’est Chic

Hermès is as well-known for their meticulously crafted silk scarves (I know women who collect them and choose not to wear them, but frame them on their walls!) as they are for their perfectly crafted – and wildly sought-after – bags. Now the two have come together to effortless, luxurious (and effortlessly luxurious) effects, as only Hermès could execute.

Thu 03.27
Pamela Anderson x Miranda Kerr

Pamela Anderson x Miranda Kerr: Who Wore It Better?

Two starlets who couldn’t be more different, united by one bag – the Birkin. Pamela Anderson is looking amazing these days, no? The chic pixie cut, the full skirt…and hey, a little Hermès never hurt. This is one of the most shocking transformations we’ve seen in a while, and though it’s unfair to put anyone next to Miranda Kerr, Pam is definitely giving her a run for her money.